#77 – Fall 2022


Tribute to Translation | Conversation with Michael Favala Goldman



Tribute to Translation

Conversation with
Michael Favala Goldman

The Fall 2022 issue of Rattle features a Tribute to Translation, with 17 poems spanning two millennia, originally written in a wide variety of languages—from Spanish to Swahili. In the conversation section, we spoke to Danish translator Michael Favala Goldman about his award-winning work and the incredible life’s journey into it.

The open section featured a broad mix of 22 poems by fresh faces and reader-favorites.



Frank Báez In the Bible No One Appears Smoking
Audio Available Basil of Caesarea What St. Basil Said
Audio Available C.P. Cavafy An Old Man
Audio Available Nianxi Chen June Is Almost Done
Tove Ditlevsen Divorce 1
Audio Available Pietro Federico Arizona
Audio Available Muyaka al-Ghassaniy He Shuns Me
Karmelo C. Iribarren Six Poems 
Ting Li A Little Flower
Federico García Lorca Ghazal 5: of the Dead Boy
Francesco Petrarca from The Banned Babylon Sonnets of Petrarch
Alireza Roshan Two Poems
Endre Ruset from Deretter
Amira Antoun Salameh My Body Is Mine
Max Sessner One Day
Dag T. Straumsvåg Resurgam in the Delta Pavonis System
Georg Trakl St. Peter’s Cemetery

Open Poetry

Audio Available Darius Atefat-Peckham All Bodies
Audio Available Devon Balwit Off to College Abecedarian
Audio Available Bruce Bennett Like That
Audio Available Richelle Buccilli Sparrow
e.c. crossman I Can’t
I Can
Audio Available Cortney Esco Bull’s Eye
Audio Available Tony Gloeggler 25 Years
Chris Huntington A Dream
I Have Seen You in My Dreams
Karan Kapoor Ghazal for Dida
David Kirby The Fates
Ron Koertge Things and How They Work
Lance Larsen The Girl
Widow Water
Jessica Lee What the Heart Does
Katy Luxem Ways to Break My Heart
January O’Neil What’s Love Got to Do With It
Aaron Poochigian Unromantic
Cindy Veach Some Things I Never Told Anyone
Richard Westheimer Prayer for the Unrung Bell
Guinotte Wise The Candy-Apple Red-Orange 1949 Ford …


Michael Favala Goldman

Cover Art

Jenny Eickbush