#50 – Winter 2015




Open Poetry

Conversation with
Lester Graves Lennon

Rattle #50

Rattle #50 is entirely open issue, and once again the poets sing as they explore the complexities of contemporary life from every angle. Atheists pray, particles entangle, and hummingbirds philosophize drunkenly. Issue #50 is a kind of anniversary, and we celebrate with our best collection of poetry yet.

The winter issue also features the 2015 Rattle Poetry Prize winner, Tiana Clark’s $10,000 poem “Equilibrium,” along with the ten finalists. And as always, subscribers may vote for the runner up.

In the conversations section, Alan Fox discusses poetry and life with investment banker, poet, and creator of the Lennon lyric, Lester Graves Lennon.


Open Poetry

 Audio Available D.M. Aderibigbe The Origin of Kindness
 Audio Available Rachael Briggs A Total Non-Apology
Michael Brosnan Cocktail Hour
Christopher Buckley The Theory of Everything …
 Audio Available Thomas Carrigan The Orb Weaver
Paul Cummins Show Up
Richard Donnelly New Country
The Movies
 Audio Available Doris Ferleger Sometimes
 Audio Available Dennis Finnell The Kneeling Man
Glenn Freeman Internet Word of the Day …
Dan Gerber Summers with Martha
 Audio Available Maria Mazziotti Gillan “It’s Been a Week …
 Audio Available Pat Hanahoe-Dosch Surrender
 Audio Available Kimberly G. Jackson Entanglement
 Audio Available Jennifer Jean Bird
Amaris Feland Ketcham Rufous Hummingbird
 Audio Available Lynne Knight The Twenty-Year Workshop
Lester Graves Lennon Fantasy Football
Jeffrey McRae Cognitive Dissonance
Amy Newell Todestrieb
Rolli Three Poems
 Audio Available Rachel Rose The Prayer
Ed Shacklee So We Beat Them
Saint James Harris Wood Donts and Dews
 Audio Available Jeff Worley How to Read Billy Collins

Poetry Prize Winner

 Audio Available Tiana Clark Equilibrium


 Audio Available Christopher Citro Our Beautiful Life …
 Audio Available Rhina P. Espaillat Work in Progress
 Audio Available Jennifer Givhan The Glance
Valentina Gnup Morning at the Welfare Office
Red Hawk Old Age Requires …
 Audio Available David Kirby More Than This
 Audio Available Travis Mossotti Yesterday
 Audio Available Cherise A. Pollard Sugar Babe
 Audio Available Melissa King Rogers Deus ex Machina
Patricia Smith Elegy


Lester Graves Lennon

Cover Art

Uriél Dana & Gage Taylor