#75 – Spring 2022


Tribute to Librarians | Conversation with Janice N. Harrington



Tribute to Librarians

Conversation with
Janice N. Harrington

The Spring 2022 issue of Rattle featured a Tribute to Librarians. Librarians work on the front lines of literature and are often the last bulwark against censorship, as we discuss with former librarian Janice N. Harrington in the conversation section. The theme includes 16 poems by librarians and their always-interesting contributor notes. The open section features 22 poets exploring the mysteries of life, both large and small.



Audio Available Kathleen Balma Salmon Shreds in Gravy
Norma Bernstock What I Remember About That Dress
Audio Available Tony Burfield Field Glasses
Audio Available Janice N. Harrington Connecting Flights
Audio Available Becca J.R. Lachman Both Goal and Medicine
Audio Available T.J. McGuire The Mozart Effect
Audio Available Jackie McManus Dock Grade Road
Audio Available Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco Leaf Cutter
Audio Available Jessy Randall Sylvia Plath’s Handwriting
Audio Available Stewart Shaw My Breath Is Recycled
Audio Available Catherine St. Denis Lucky Ones 
Audio Available Betsy Fogelman Tighe Alphabets Are Like Cows in Sunlight
Audio Available Asa West Offering
Audio Available E.A. Wilberton Visiting My Mother’s Wars
Audio Available Martin Willitts Jr. The Librarian and the Sullen Blank Paper
Elizabeth S. Wolf When the Phone Rings

Open Poetry

Olabimpe Adedamola Back to the Beginning Which Is to Say …
Audio Available Porsha Allen A Prayer
Audio Available Jessica Barlevi Unborn
Audio Available Sara Beck On a Square on a Screen
Audio Available Alexandra Bessette Day 274
Audio Available Mike Bove To My Son on September 15th
Audio Available Tara Bray Memoir
Audio Available Christine Degenaars Swimmers in the Caribbean
Audio Available Raquel Franco An Alternate Universe Where Safety Is …
Audio Available Oli Isaac Hyacinth in Heaven Wondering Why …
Audio Available Jill Kandel How Much Do You Weigh?
Audio Available David Kirby Mass Shootings: A Biography
Audio Available Gary Lark Lenny’s Day
Audio Available Campbell McGrath The Fire
Jeff McRae Kurt Vonnegut Stepped Off the Plane
Audio Available Linda Michel-Cassidy Buoyant
Brian Morrison Lighting the Rocket
Audio Available Jim Peterson The Light
Cati Porter In the Checkout Line at Rite Aid,
e.a. toles What Does Black Taste Like
E.D. Watson Father, Daughter, Hungry Ghost
Tiffany Wu Regulation


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