A Livestreaming Poetry Reading and Podcast

We’re bringing the magic of the Rattle Reading Series into your pockets with the weekly Rattlecast. Part interview, part reading, part open mic, it’s a casual way to hangout with Rattle editor Timothy Green and all of our friends in poetry around the world. The Rattlecast livestreams every Tuesday night at 9pm EDT / 6pm PDT, with a pre-show starting about 15 minutes earlier. Please go to our YouTube channel and click “Subscribe.” An audio-only version is available on Soundcloud and various podcasting apps—search for “Rattlecast” on yours.

If you’d like to join the open mic, there are two options:

1) Download the Skype app, and send a chat message to Tim during the first half of the show and he’ll call you back during the open mic portion of the evening.

2) Send in a poem ahead of time. Record the poem on your phone or computer, and then send it to us through Submittable, along with the text of the poem, so we can put it on screen. Be sure to include an introduction in the recording: say your name, where you’re “calling” from, and anything you want to say about the poem before starting, and then read the poem as you would at an open mic. If your recording addresses a certain upcoming poet, put their name in the submission title so that we see it.

Remember that these poems will be broadcast and archived in audio and video, so you might want to stick to poems that have already been published—use this as a way to celebrate your magazine publications and to advertise your books.

Note that the audio files below are lightly edited for better listening, cutting out the delays between callers.


Latest Episode

Nickole Brown‘s chapbook To Those Who Were Our First Gods was winner of the 2018 Rattle Chapbook Prize. She received her MFA from the Vermont College, studied literature at Oxford University, and was the editorial assistant for the late Hunter S. Thompson. She worked at Sarabande Books for ten years. Her first collection, Sister, a novel-in-poems, was first published in 2007 by Red Hen Press and a new edition was reissued by Sibling Rivalry Press in 2018. Her second book, a biography-in-poems called Fanny Says, came out from BOA Editions in 2015 and won the Weatherford Award for Appalachian Poetry. The audio book of that collection came out in 2017. She lives with her wife, poet Jessica Jacobs, in Asheville, North Carolina, where she volunteers at four different animal sanctuaries. For more information, visit her website.


Upcoming Schedule

(9pm EDT / 6pm PDT unless otherwise noted)

November 26 – Bob Hicok – Hold
December 3 – Naomi Shihab Nye – The Tiny Journalist
December 10 – Tony Gloeggler – Alongside We Travel
December 17 – Peter Murphy – More Challenges for the Delusional
January 7 – Barbara Crooker – Some Glad Morning
January 14 – Clint Margrave – Salute the Wreckage
January 21 – Chaun Ballard – Flight
February 4 – Michael T. Young – The Infinite Doctrine of Water
February 11 – Christina Olson – The Last Mastodon
February 18 – Susan Browne – Just Living
February 25 – Kelly Grace Thomas – Boat Burned
March 17 – Ellen Bass – Indigo




Ep. Guest Audio/Video
#18 Nickole Brown YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#17 Wally Swist YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#16 Lynne Knight YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#15 Francesca Bell YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#14 Janet Fitch YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#13 Aaron Poochigian YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#12 Bro. Yao (Hoke S. Glover III) YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#11 Jamey Hecht YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#10 Al Ortolani YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#9 Alexandra Umlas YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#8 Kat Lehmann YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#7 Kim Dower YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#6 Richard Gilbert YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#5 Pavana Reddy YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#4 Elizabeth S. Wolf YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#3 David Berman Tribute YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#2 Lynne Thompson YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3
#1 Benjamin Aleshire YouTube | SoundCloud | iTunes | mp3