#79 – Spring 2023


Tribute to Irish Poets| Conversation with Frank Dullaghan



Tribute to Irish Poets

Conversation with
Frank Dullaghan

The Spring 2023 issue of Rattle features a Tribute to Irish Poets. From Yeats to Boland and Heaney, Ireland has a long tradition of producing great poets. We thought we’d take a look at what’s going on there now. The theme includes 17 poems by Irish poets and their always-interesting contributor notes, and a conversation with Frank Dullaghan, a poet who has lived an interesting live in both Ireland and abroad. The open section features 21 poets exploring their perspectives on life.

Irish Poets

Audio Available David Butler Love! His Affections Do Not That Way Tend …
Anne Casey Portrait of Kevin Barry in the Irish Times
Jane Clarke After
Éanlaí P. Cronin Gonzo
Martina Dalton Motorway Man
Frank Dullaghan Oíche na Gaoithe Móire
Jim Feeney Irish History
S.C. Flynn Their Share of the Dark
Denise Garvey Constancy
Kerry Greer I’d Drive Anywhere with You
Joanne McCarthy Today My Father Should Be at the Score
Neil McCarthy Lessons in Survival
Maeve McKenna Fykiaphobia
Lauren O’Donovan Binge
Eugene O’Hare Brother
Niamh Twomey Hounslow 1997
Landa wo Migrants

Open Poetry

Azia Armstead To Hannah Lyons
Madelyn Chen Never Asking
R.G. Evans Poetic Closure
Bill Garvey Burger King
Benjamin S. Grossberg It Kept Always Being Sunday
Kim Hansen Frank
William Harry Harding Papa’s Shotgun
Michael Hettich A Certain Childhood
Deborah Ketai In Her Name
Veronica Kornberg Improvident
Y.S. Lee Rebuke the Ghosts
Kat Lehmann Ocean Ancient and Evolving
Howard Nelson Little Richard
Alicia Ostriker Ode to the Automobile and Human Happiness
Josh Parish Needle-Nose Pliers
Aleyna Rentz Idiots
Tanvi Roberts Poem in Which the Word Is Not Spoken
Amy Rose Your Lie in April
Mark Rubin Ohio Dove
Tano Rubio Feed: Auténtica
Dan “Sully” Sullivan The Best Stories


Frank Dullaghan

Cover Art

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