A Plumber’s Guide to Light




Jesse Bertron

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Cover of A Plumber's Guide to Light, a painting of a man in a garage lying down with his head in a cardboard boxA Plumber’s Guide to Light is a love letter to the building trades and to the people who work them. This book is populated by people who think they will be saved by work and by those who know they won’t. It looks at the fragile seam that runs between the job site and the home, about the ways that family and work bleed into one another. If you have ever watched tract homes metastasize an open field, and wondered how a single cell of that development might look if smeared across a slide, try A Plumber’s Guide to Light.


Sample Poem

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About the Author

Photo of Tom C. Hunley by Bryan LemonJesse Bertron is a plumber’s apprentice living in Austin, Texas. He has an MFA in Poetry from Vanderbilt University. He is co-director of Poetry at Round Top, an annual festival in rural Texas. (web)



Cover art by Adam Lupton
ISBN: 978-1-931307-47-5
Cover price: $6.00
Chapbook: 40 pages
Size: 6″ x 9″

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