#80 – Summer 2023


Tribute to NFT Poets| Conversation with Sasha Stiles



Tribute to NFT Poets

Conversation with
Sasha Stiles

The Summer 2023 issue of Rattle features a Tribute to NFT Poets. NFTs are non-fungible tokens, using a blockchain to make a permanent, collectible digital record of something—in this case poems. Turning poems into collectable art opens up many new opportunities for creating and sharing poetry, and the dozen poets in the issue are at the cutting edge of introducing poetry into this technology. In the conversation section, we talk to Sasha Stiles, who trained an AI language model on her own poetry, creating “Technelegy,” a transhuman alter-ego and writing partner. The interview attempts to explain the blockchain and explore the places poetry might go in the future. The open section, meanwhile, features the usual eclectic mix of poetry on any topic, from sugar to Shaq, from drag shows to Vietnam.

NFT Poets

Gregory Betts The Towering Text U
Ana María Caballero Mammal One
Audio Available Maya Clubine Welcome to Paradise
Audio Available Katie Dozier Em Dash
Pierre Gervois Income I
Audio Available Johnny Dean Mann Slow Gods #6
Audio Available George Pestana Dust to Dust
Sarah Ridgley Midnight Confession
Joanne Rush Orchestra
Sasha Stiles We Exist Inside Each Other
Justin Tagg Offset
Audio Available Dick Westheimer Sometimes a Poem

Open Poetry

Audio Available Lana Hechtman Ayers When You Say You’re from New York City
Audio Available Penny Campbell Sugar
Audio Available Luisa Caycedo-Kimura Queridas Tías
Audio Available Denise Duhamel Another Summer of Love
Audio Available Angela Russo Gartner What It’s Like to Live That Long
Leslie Gerber Neglect
Audio Available Gary Greene A Poem about Not about Getting a Dog
Ed Hack Our Tribe
Audio Available Barbara Hamby Box Ode
Audio Available Nicholas Holt Free Association
Audio Available Athena Kildegaard Report from a Distance
Audio Available Matt Mason The Issue of Rattle
Audio Available Why Instead of Begging My Mom …
Traci McMickle 10 Things I Learned …
Audio Available David Oates Farthing
E. P. Hit and Run
Audio Available Mary Ellen Redmond In English Class, Discussing Signs & Symbols
Audio Available David Romtvedt Watering the Trees
Kelly Sargent Haiku & Senryu
Audio Available Lisa Shen Sixteen Seconds
Audio Available Gray Thomas Speaking of Birds
Bruce Weigl Thinking about Her
Outside Quang Tri City, 1968
Audio Available Carson Wolfe Birth Name as Alternate Ending


Sasha Stiles

Cover Art

Mark H. Fitzpatrick (web)