“Em Dash” by Katie Dozier (KHD)

Katie Dozier (KHD)


Em Dash by Katie Dozier, poem text written over black and white photo of a mine shaft

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Like studying the root origins of a word, I like to trace the stem of NFT poetry backwards through the centuries. What would Emily Dickinson have minted if she lived in our contemporary world? Perhaps instead of locking her poems up in a trunk, we would’ve been treated to Dickinson Discords and more quatrain creations than we could even keep up with! This Little Poem, my first mint of 2023, looks back at one of my favorite poets, in order to celebrate the immense opportunities alive in poetry today. In a sense, we are just em dashes sliding through time.

from Rattle #80, Summer 2023
Tribute to NFT Poets


Katie Dozier (KHD): “I write NFT poetry because every poem that flies out into the world encourages more to leave their nests. Poetry can change the course of humanity, and with the stakes so high we need fewer poems locked in the confines of minds and notebooks. We need poems hanging on walls (both digital and physical) to be lauded for their vulnerability and empathy. Poetry is art, and minting it as such on blockchains has the potential to bring poems into conversations yet unentered.” (web)

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