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Rattle Chapbook Series

A new chapbook is shipped to all subscribers with each issue of Rattle. Selections are mostly made through the annual Rattle Chapbook Prize competition. Click the covers to browse (newest chapbooks are listed first).

Cheap Motels of My Youth by George BilgerePlucked by Miracle ThorntonAt the Car Wash by Arthur Russell The Fight Journal by John W. Evans The Morning You Saw a Train of Stars Streaking Across the Sky by CooXooEii Black Visiting Her in Queens Is More Enlightening than a Month in a Monastery in Tibet by Michael Mark Imago, Dei by Elizabeth Johnston Ambrose I Will Pass Even to Acheron by Amanda Newell The Death of a Migrant Worker by Gil Arzola A Plumber's Guide to Light by Jesse Bertron Adjusting to the Lights by Tom C. Hunley A Juror Must Fold in on Herself by Kathleen McClung Falling Off the Empire State Building by Jimmy Pappas The Last Mastodon by Christina Olson Hansel and Gretel Get the Word on the Street by Al Ortolani Did You Know? by Elizabeth S. Wolf To Those Who Were Our First Gods by Nickole Brown Tales from the House of Vasquez by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland Punishment by Nancy Miller Gomez A Bag of Hands by Mather Schneider In America by Diana Goetsch The Whetting Stone by Taylor Mali Kill the Dogs by Heather Bell Ligatures by Denise Miller Turn Left Before Morning by April Salzano 3arabi Song by Zeina Hashem Beck