Prompt Poem of the Month

The Best from the Weekly Prompts

For years, we’ve been offering a prompt at the end of every Rattlecast episode, to encourage folks to write new poems for the next week’s open lines. At the end of every episode, Timothy Green announced the next week’s prompt. Write yours within the next week to share it on the open lines, and submit it to this category by the end of the month to have it considered. Series editor Katie Dozier will select her favorite poems, which will be published as one of’s daily poems. The winner each month will also receive $100.

Submissions for the Prompt Poem of the Month are not anonymized—we still want to encourage everyone to share their weekly poems on the Rattlecast’s open lines—but choices are still being made solely based on the poem’s merit. Submit as many poems as you’d like to this category, but only poems written for the current month’s prompts. A winner will be chosen after the first week of every month.

Find a list of our past prompts here.

Current Prompts

June 2nd: Write an ode to something that doesn’t conform to typical ode topics and begins with an epigraph.

June 16th: Write a poem set in a place you’ve always dreamed of going to but never have. Allude to all the basic senses.




Monthly Winners


Audio Available Suzanne Lummis & Ron Koertge Picnic (May 2024)
Audio Available James Washington Jr. Credit (Apr. 2024)
Audio Available Nancy Beagle The Wedding Doll (Mar. 2024)
Audio Available Kelly Sargent The ‘L’ Word (Feb. 2024)
Audio Available Lynne Knight Body Talk (Jan. 2024)
Audio Available Cindy Guentherman About Those Apples (Dec. 2023)
J.B. Penname The End of Hurt Is Not Healing (Nov. 2023)
Audio Available Tammy Greenwood The Accordian (Oct. 2023)
Audio Available Farah Ali White Rabbit (Sep. 2023)
Audio Available Sharon Ferrante Six Senryu from the Kitchen (Aug. 2023)