Past Rattlecast Prompts

July 31st: Write a poem in which something is cooked.

August 7th: Write a poem that’s a letter to your favorite poet. Include a suggestion.

August 14th: Write a villanelle that includes a cryptid (mythological figure, such as the Loch Ness Monster).

August 21st: Pick a single word at random from the dictionary and use that as the title of a poem in which someone gets their hands dirty.

August 28th: Write a sonnet with a number in it.

September 11th: Write a one sentence poem that includes two truths and a lie.

September 18th: Write a poem that refers to another poem and starts immediately after the events in that poem.

September 25th: Write a haibun that mentions time.

October 2nd: Pick an inanimate object and trace the evolution of your relationship with it throughout your life. Title it with the name of that object.

October 9th: Write a poem set in the first place you ever worked.

October 16th: Write an assay—a poem that breaks down an idea or topic into it’s constituent parts.

October 23rd: Write a poem about a museum for an abstract concept, using one of the forms Maryann read: ghazal, villanelle, call and response, or alliterative. Title it “The Museum of ______.”

October 30th: Write a poem about one of your fears.