Odds and Ends

Rare & Retired Content

Rattle has been in continuous publication since 1995, and over the years we’ve experimented with a large number of side projects. For several years, for example, we were publishing a new poetry book review online every fifth day—you’ll find hundreds of those reviews on our e-Reviews page. Before we shifted to quarterly production, we published a series of e-Issues in the spring and fall, with original content and previews of the forthcoming issue—you’ll find those, below, as well, along with many other odds and ends. Some of them, like the book interviews and Poets in Prose essays, may return from time to time. Others, like Critique of the Week and the Ekphrastic Challenge, are ongoing. But they’re all archived here for you to enjoy!



Audio Archive 1,000+ mp3s (now indexed on issue pages)
Book Interviews Poets discuss their recent books
Contributor News Regularly updated updates from Rattle contributors
Conversations Anthology 14 of the best Rattle conversations
Critique of the Week A live video workshop
E-Issues 12 free PDF downloads
Ekphrastic Challenge Monthly Art-Inspired Poetry
E-Reviews 8 years of book reviews by our readers
Eye Contact A look at visual poetry with Dan Waber
Impertinent Duet Translating poetry with Art Beck
MicroReviews Brief reviews that lasted briefly
Poets in Prose Essays by poets on any topic
Workshop Program Free copies for free classes