Eye Contact

A Look at Visual Poetry

with Dan Waber


The easy definition of visual poetry is “poetry that must be seen to be fully experienced.” That’s not a bad definition. It isn’t very helpful, either. Definitions are slippery things. The more precise they are, the more limited their use is. The more general they are, the more limited their use is. In his regular column, Dan Waber mints and refines and discards definitions of visual poetry, introducing us to the poets who work to stake out the boundaries of what visual poetry is.


Dan Waber is a visual poet and multimedia artist living in Kingston, PA. For more, please visit his website: www.logolalia.com



#1: W. Bradford Paley
(e.7 – PDF)

#2: Denise Fontaine-Pincince
(e.8 – PDF)

#3: John Martone
(e.9 – PDF)

#4: Ward Tietz
(e.10 – PDF)

#5: Kevin Yuen Kit Lo
(e.11 – PDF)