#83 – Collaboration




Tribute to Collaboration

Conversation with
Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade

The Spring 2024 issue of Rattle features a Tribute to Collaboration. Collaborative poetry has a long history, dating back at least to the Beats, but has been marginalized in the past as somehow less serious than a single tortured poet’s wrestle with the blank page. The truth, though, is that collaborative poetry can be a fun way to deepen our own insights. The theme includes 15 poems by 31 poets working in pairs or trios, and a three-way conversation with frequent collaborators Denise Duhamel and Julie Marie Wade. The always-eclectic open section features familiar names and new voices exploring the human condition, from hope to home-buying to cuss words.


Audio Available Roberta Beary Two Pints
& Lew Watts
C.L. Bledsoe The Weather 
& Michael Gushue
Audio Available Brendan Constantine WHY Am I / BECAUSE You Are
& Andi Myles
Gail Dawson Tabletop Pantoum
& Richard Garcia
Audio Available Denise Duhamel Shorthand 6-Pak Rondelet
& Maureen Seaton
Audio Available Denise Duhamel Give-and-Take Ghazal 
& Julie Marie Wade
Audio Available Richard Gilbert Disaster Wireless
& Jennifer Hambrick
A.M. Juster Zombies in Paradise
& Deborah Warren
Audio Available Julie Kane The Double Image Redux
& Erica Reid
Audio Available Mariko Kitakubo Hubris
& Deborah P. Kolodji
Audio Available Herb Kitson The Old Stove
& Ray-J Nelson
Audio Available Ansuya Patel Courage
& Batya Weinbaum
Audio Available Michele Root-Bernstein Waymarks
Laszlo Slomovits
& Jennifer Burd
Audio Available Matthew Shelton Babel
& Timothy Liu
Audio Available Michael Dylan Welch Something Fishy
C.R. Manley
Tanya McDonald

Open Poetry

Audio Available Animashaun Ameen Gay Chicken
Audio Available Ruth Bavetta The New Battery Should Come Tomorrow
Erik Campbell Just in Case You Should Meet Me on the Street
Audio Available Amy Chan My Mother Says
Audio Available Luigi Coppola A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Home
Judith Fox How It Happened
Audio Available Tony Gloeggler All of Them
Audio Available Nancy Miller Gomez How to Forget
Audio Available Resurrection
Rasma Haidri Fresh
Jane Hirshfield Wetness: An Assay
Charlotte Innes Slow Walk
Michael Jones Bubba Country
Amit Majmudar Shovels
Doug Ramspeck Bottomlands Dream
Mather Schneider Midwest Houses 
Erik Tschekunow Go Home Boy Go Home
Dean Marshall Tuck Parking Meter
Laurie Uttich My 88-Year-Old Mother-in-Law Decides …
Florence Weinberger Fuck the Carburetor
Lizabeth Yandel Villanelle over Spilled Milk


Denise Duhamel
& Julie Marie Wade

Cover Art

Jennifer Lommers (web)