“Shorthand 6-Pak Rondelet” by Denise Duhamel & Maureen Seaton

Denise Duhamel & Maureen Seaton


Too long; didn’t read
Didn’t want to miss Stranger Things
Too long; didn’t read
Watched Batman on YouTube instead
Of reading about men with wings
Or women having flings with kings
Too long; didn’t read
Shut the fuck up
Can’t you see I’m taking a nap?
Shut the fuck up
I’m dreaming of a hot hookup 
I made through my X-rated app 
I’m awake now in her jockstrap
Shut the fuck up
For what it’s worth
I can’t make up an alibi
For what it’s worth
There’s nothing on this big old earth
Makes me weep worse and wonder why
I microwaved a butterfly
(For what it’s worth)
In my humble opinion
Joaquin Phoenix is a dreamboat
In my humble opinion
he became vegan—vermilion  
blood from a hook, a fish’s throat
that day dad took him on a boat 
That’s my humble opinion
To be honest
I prefer my GRNS FRSH, my STK
(To be honest)
Nothing tastes BTR than a GR8
Big SAL with a SD of BF
To be honest
What do you think?
Is the planet going to shit?
What do you think?
I say we’re standing on the brink—
but is our disaster moonlit
so sweetly we keep missing it?
What do you think?

from Rattle #83, Spring 2024
Tribute to Collaboration


Denise Duhamel: “We had several memorial readings for Maureen, and my joke is that we had an open relationship and we weren’t monogamous. If you were there and ready to write, and you were a sweet soul, Maureen would write with you. She loved collaboration so much, and often collaborated with her students. Neil de la Flor and Kristine Snodgrass and Maureen were one set of collaborators (a triad), and then she had a foursome collaboration group with Carolina Hospital, Nicole Hospital-Medina, and Holly Iglesias. She also collaborated extensively with Sam Ace. Both Aaron Smith and I completed whole collaborative manuscripts with her while she was ill. She had all these different collaborations going on even through her illness and treatment.”

Maureen Seaton (October 20, 1947 – August 26, 2023) authored fifteen solo books of poetry, co-authored an additional thirteen, and wrote one memoir, Sex Talks to Girls, which won the 2009 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Memoir/Biography. She frequently collaborated with many poets, including Denise Duhamel, Samuel Ace, Neil de la Flor, David Trinidad, Kristine Snodgrass, cin salach, Niki Nolin, and Mia Leonin.

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