#81 – Fall 2023


Tribute to Prompt Poems | Conversation with Joseph Fasano



Tribute to Prompt Poems

Conversation with
Joseph Fasano

The Fall 2023 issue of Rattle features a tribute to poems written in response to writing prompts. While some write off prompts as mere exercises, for others they’re the key to unlocking creativity and restoring the sense of play with language. The special section includes prompt poems by 16 poets and a conversation with Joseph Fasano, whose popular template prompts have given non-poets their own access to the interior. In the open section, 22 poets familiar and new share a diverse set of powerful poems.

Prompt Poems

Frank Beltrano The “B” List
Caitlin Buxbaum Speak
Alice Capshaw To the Man I Kissed Sitting on a Sunkist …
Joseph Fasano What to Say to Those Who Think You’re a Fool …
D. Dina Friedman In My Heart
Kai Jensen Bestiary
Angelle McDougall He Said Waltz with Me
Brian O’Sullivan Fall
Lexi Pelle Diet Coke
Laura Ruby Always Tender in the Wrong Places
Matthew Buckley Smith Ars Ecphrastica
Lisa Stice My Dad Loves the Smell of Asphalt
Conan Tan For Years, I Believed That
Susan Trofimow This Poem
Haley Winans I Gotta Fat Ass
Shannon Connor Winward Killing the Snake Plan

Open Poetry

Audio Available Alana Joblin Ain Poet’s Guide to Home Repairs
José A. Alcántara To a Friend Who Does Not Believe in God
John Brehm Seven Haiku
Morning in East Wallingford
Wyn Cooper Grief Dog
Curtis Derrick At the Love Feast
Bija Gutoff To the Woman Who Shoplifted …
Javeria Hasnain Mythomania
David James Two Months Before My 65th Birthday 
Karan Kapoor Portrait of a Father as an Alcoholic
Katherine Lo Mark
Clint Margrave Putting Together Ikea Furniture
Andrew Shattuck McBride Andrew Shattuck McBride
José Medina Bésame en Español
Joshua Mensch An Act of Sabotage
Nancy Carol Moody Flung Drops, Fog
Paulette A. Pashibin From the Inside
Brent Schaeffer Barely 40, Your Brother Is Dying …
Prartho Sereno Charlie Chaplin & Me
Gaetan Sgro The Weight
Carrie Shipers Self-Portrait as Elizabeth Holmes
Mike White Southpaw
Ross White Replacement Friend


Joseph Fasano

Cover Art

Adelma Dumalan Edwards. (web)