Issue #1 – Spring 1995



All Poetry

Conversation with
No One


The first issue of Rattle was a class chapbook, hand-bound and stapled by Alan Fox himself, along with the other members of a Jack Grapes poetry workshop. We’ve come along way, eh?

Chana Bell
Melanie Beth Brown
Robert Carroll
Diana Darby
Anna Delury
Erna Ferris
Richard Fire
Alan Fox
Marie Jordan
Jean Katz
Ellen Kimmel
Julie Knight
Susan Levin
Jeri Lloyd
Marilyn McCormick
C.E. McLean
Cheryl Montelle
Sarah Traister-Moskovitz
Sue Nelson
June Phelps
Bunny Rabiroff
George Rand
Joyce Ross
Patty Schlesinger
Elaine R. Warick
Irving S. White