#76 – Summer 2022


Tribute to Prisoner Express | Conversation with Gary Fine



Tribute to Prisoner Express

Conversation with
Gary Fine

The Summer 2022 issue of Rattle features a Tribute to Prisoner Express, a non-profit program based in Ithaca, New York, which sends books into prisons, allowing prisoners to communicate with each other creatively through a newsletter. Last year, Elizabeth S. Wolf donated her Rattle Chapbook Prize-winning collect, Did You Know?, to the program, and encouraged participants to write chapbooks of their own. The resulting poems were so powerful we had to share. The issue includes an introduction by Elizabeth, and a conversation with the program’s director, Gary Fine, where we discuss the profound role expressive writing can play in rehabilitation.

The open section features the usual wide range of poetry from 24 poets.


Prisoner Express

Elizabeth S. Wolf Introduction
Robert Andrew Bartlett Sr. Pamela’s Query
Shaun Duane Blake The Walk
Jorge Luis Corella Nana
Matthew Feeney Phone Sox
Cesar Hernandez from Nobody Cares
Cory Lambing Behind the Wall
Scott Madoulet Burnt
Frank Olms Miss Miranda
Is That a Bug in My Drink?
Keith Pertusio Pratikriyasana
Rolf Rathmann Through New Year’s Eve
Doon Saetern Gaps in Résumé
James Stevahn A Time to Heal
Andre D. Underwood Kalifornia

Open Poetry

Nicelle Davis Honey Pot
William Virgil Davis Overheard
Audio Available Kristina Erny Bad Friday
Mark Fitzpatrick Under the Bo Tree
David Galloway Thought, on Viewing Zinaida Serebriakova’s …
Lola Haskins The Very Fortunate Girl
Emily Ruth Hazel Out There
Alexis V. Jackson What We Carry off the Sea …
Shawn Jones Soprano from the Junior Choir at the Protest
Laura Judge Speculation at 50
Lynne Knight The Warm Bed
Milica Mijatovič Pedestrian Bridge over the Train Tracks …
Abby E. Murray A Note from Your Friendly Poetry Instructor
Valerie Nies He Asks About My Kinks
Eri Okoye My Mother’s Son
Kathryn Paulson Coal Smoke
Erin Redfern Crosswalk
Mather Schneider Uncle Neto
George J. Searles The First Annual AHS Wipeout 5K Run
Maia Siegel Elites
Elizabeth Spenst Poem for Myself
Susan Vespoli Orange
Wendy Videlock On the Practice of Opine
Arhm Choi Wild One Good Memory


Gary Fine

Cover Art

Neena Sethia