“Nana” by Jorge Luis Corella

Jorge Luis Corella


Nana immigrated 
in 1965,
came to the states
from Sonora, Mexico.
She got her citizenship
on September 24, 1996.
I was five years old
at the time.
Though at the time
I had no idea what citizenship was.
I imagine I was
running around the house
with my two brothers
all in our own imaginations.
Nana taking care of us,
trying to feed us
that horrible oatmeal
in the mornings.
She would eat some
in front of us
in hopes it would convince
us that oatmeal was good.
I remember thinking,
“How can she eat
that nasty stuff.”
Nana would eventually
make us eggs.

from Rattle #76, Summer 2022
Tribute to Prisoner Express


Jorge Luis Corella: “I started writing poetry in order to escape prison, if only for a moment. I would write in order to express how I feel. I still do it at times. I wrote poems about my Nana shortly after she passed away. It helped me remember all the great memories I have of her.”

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