“Miss Miranda” by Frank Olms

Frank Olms


Hey there, Miss Miranda
I don’t know how lucky I feel,
For without a heart to guide me
I don’t know what feelings are real.
Yes, I am the Tin Man
And yes, I have no heart,
But we should get together,
Then you won’t fall apart.
Hey there, Miss Miranda
I’m not sure how lucky I feel,
But if we could get together,
Then your heart—I could help it heal.
My armor is slightly dented
And is showing some signs of rust.
If you give me your broken heart
I’ll rebuild it with love and trust.
Hey there, Miss Miranda
Not every cloud had rain,
But a broken heart needs love
And care and time to heal the pain.
So come let’s get together
And please don’t fall apart,
I’ll take your heart and mend it,
And we’ll both get a brand new start.

from Rattle #76, Summer 2022
Tribute to Prisoner Express


Frank Olms: “During the mid-1960s, I became self-employed and, except for a few brief periods, had remained self-employed until 2011, when I became incarcerated: a bizarre change. While going through the court system for 30 months, I remained in a cell directly opposite the classroom. Some of the cellmates were attending a class on writing but possessed no creativity, so I started writing stories for them. One week I wrote three different stories on the same subject. And that started my creative writing. Each story was supposed to be about 400 words. I continued one story to 240 pages. To interject poetry was a natural extension to add some texture, feeling, and color.”

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