Tribute Calls

For Submissions


While we’re always open to regular submissions of all forms of poetry and artwork, every issue of Rattle includes a special tribute dedicated to some social, vocational, or stylistic group. Listed below are our upcoming calls for submissions, along with their deadlines. These calls are subject to change at any time, with the more distant issues less certain. To submit for a tribute, just mail us up to four previously unpublished poems and mention that you’d like it to be considered for the theme, or be sure to select the appropriate category on our Submittable manager. As always, submissions are free, and payment for publication is $200 per poem and a complimentary print subscription.


#73 – Fall 2021 – Indian Poets

Poetry: Our Fall 2021 issue will feature a tribute to Indian Poets. The poems may be any subject, style, or length, but must written by poets who themselves identify as Indian and were born or have lived in the subcontinent for a significant portion of their lives. The poems need not be about India—our goal is to honor these poets by sharing the diverse creative work that they’re producing—but they do need to be written in or translated into English. Please be sure to select the Tribute to Indian Poets category.

Artwork: We still need cover art for this issue and would like to use work by an Indian artist, if possible. To submit something relevant to the theme, use the artwork category on Submittable.

Deadline: April 15, 2021


Further Down the Line

We have many ideas, which will be announced as soon as we’re sure of them, but we’re always open to suggestions. If you have any ideas for tributes, please write to us. We’re listening.