#82 – Winter 2023




Rattle Poetry Prize

Conversation with
Annie Finch

The Winter 2023 issue features our 11 Rattle Poetry Prize winners, including the 1st prize poem, “Time Travel for Beginners” by Ardon Shorr. The finalists this year include three sonnets and two longer narrative poems that are sure to make you feel. The open section takes us through emergency rooms to dating profiles, with sloppy haiku and Jenga along the way.

The conversation section explores the intersection of meter and magic with “Poetry Witch” Annie Finch. Annie’s mission is to restore our interest in all five meters, beyond the standard iambics, while reconnecting our spirits to the body and the earth. We talk about it all in a fascinating discussion about the deep history of poetry and humanity.


Open Poetry

Audio Available Chris Anderson All That I Have
C. Wade Bentley Waiting and Watching
Bruce Cohen Ten Sloppy Haiku of Ordinary Life
James Crews Married to Amazement
Teddy Devitt Naming Them
Rami Farawi They Ask If I’ve Seen the News
Annie Finch Death and the Mountain
Haley Jameson Ain’t My Penny No More
Matthew King On Learning That Woodpeckers …
Linda Kunhardt Bee Sting
Danusha Laméris The Visitor
Rachel Mallalieu Surrender
Michael Mark Nicest
Al Ortolani Leaf Removal
Hanna Pachman Welcome to My Dating Profile …
Erica Reid The Raft
Rimas Uzgiris Haymaking
John Wojtowicz Fruit Guy

Poetry Prize Winner

Ardon Shorr Time Travel for Beginners


River Adams A Lesson in Metaphor
Lisa Bass Makeup
Roberta Beary Sonnet #1: My Way
Dusty Bryndal No Evidence
Isabella DeSendi Elegy for Tío Lazaro
Diana Goetsch Motel Surrender
Meredith Mason Use Your Words
Amy Miller Umbrella
Jacob K. Robinson The Pool
Tim Seibles Ants


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