“They Ask if I’ve Seen the News” by Rami Farawi

Rami Farawi


like it’s a lost dog, but really it’s impossible
to miss, it’s big the news, yet everyday they
insist on making more stories—floor after
floor, the news is tall, the news towers, it’s
hard to imagine stairs that only go up, but
what do you want me to say, mayday the ne
ws is breaking? we already know this, laugh,
                  drink white wine          play Jenga
on a night in—      pull from the bottom and
      put on top                  build another story
make the news taller by breaking it
          pull, make another story              ask if
we’ve seen it                  if we’ve heard it
            take the stairs                    never short
on materials        just breath      always extra
today to pull from            just pull
the news will never break        we’re sure
        of it                      just breaking’s all just
one more flight       to the top story      wow
                    would you look at
                            the view

from Rattle #82, Winter 2023


Rami Farawi: “This poem started from me trying to add a shape to the news, a density, like something you could mine for every day, like it’s a natural resource. I guess, when I thought about it like that, I was amazed by how much energy we put into reporting on what’s happening, and by how we watch the news like we have no idea what is.”

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