#78 – Winter 2022




Rattle Poetry Prize

Conversation with
Iain McGilchrist

The Winter 2022 issue features our 11 Rattle Poetry Prize winners, including the 1st prize poem, “Shoes” by L. Renée. The open section features a rich mix of eclectic poetry, including reader-favorites Ted Kooser and Kwame Dawes, and a heroic crown of sonnets by Anna M. Evans that attempt to bridge our political divides.

The conversation section takes a deep dive into the divided brain with psychiatrist and philosopher Iain McGilchrist, who explains the role the two hemispheres, with their completely unique perspectives on the world, play in creativity. We also discuss how the modern world has come to be dominated by the left hemisphere’s narrow focus and how poetry is on antidote to “the matter with things.”



Open Poetry

Audio Available Raistlin Allen Black Is Not a Color
Tina Barry The Little I Remember
Richelle Buccilli Dear Instagram
Anders Carlson-Wee Oscar’s Invention
Danielle Carne How to Become a Happy Woman, e.g.
Stephen Cohen The Closing List
Brendan Constantine Tralee, Ireland, Days Ago
Kwame Dawes The Sleep of Prophets
Anna M. Evans State of Grace
Stephanie H. Fallon Infidel
Penny Harter Ode to a Band-Aid
T.R. Hummer Surge
Jasmine Khaliq Brentwood, April 3rd
Ted Kooser Trailways
Idman Omar Complete Facts about a Woman I Love Dearly
Foster Schrader 96th Street
John Richard Smith Regret Tattoos
Martin Vest Normal in Wyoming
Joshua Eric Williams In a Recent Dream, I Met Stephen King
Jeanne Yu Among the Baby Bok Choy

Poetry Prize Winner

L. Renée Shoes


Francesca Bell Conduction
George Bilgere Palimpsest
Sarah Ederer Basic Needs
Jennifer Griffith Augury
Elizabeth Hill Slut
Richard Jordan Diary Poems
Shannan Mann Your Hands
Candace Moore Projection
Kaitlin Reynolds Patsy
B.A. Van Sise Baseball


Iain McGilchrist (web)

Cover Art

Maxwell Charteris