#29 – Summer 2008




Tribute to Visual Poetry

Conversations with
Marvin Bell & Bob Hicok


Releasing June 2008, issue #29 features a tribute to visual poetry, including 37 mixed-media poems in a 64-page, full-color special section on heavy paper. We didn’t know what we’d get when we put out a call for visual poems, and what formed was an eclectic mix of everything but the kitchen sink. We’ve got poem-paintings, collages, comic poems, concrete poems, cut-up poems, found poems, ephemera, landscape haiku, edible poems, and (it’s true) poems written on Venetian blinds. Curious yet?

Also in the issue, Alan Fox interviews Marvin Bell and Bob Hicok, and more of the best poetry around. We needed to stretch to 224 pages just to fit it all in.


Visual Poetry

 David Alpaugh  Space Monkey
 Strip Taze
 Ruth Bavetta  I Am Anything
 The End and the Aim
 The Making of History
 Bernett & Worman  Enter the Painting
 Burdick & Foster  Playground
 The Dream of Trees
 Nick Carbo  Saussure’s Remedy
 Amy Sara Carroll  i
 Peter Ciccariello  Drowning Poem
 Daniels & Brodsky  For Rent
 The American Pedestrianus
 Kip Deeds  Walden, Sprawl, and All
 Elevated Findings
 Denise Duhamel  The Johari Window
 Ian Finch  Early Light
 Krista Franklin  Boy w/Joker
 Built by Angels
 Hage & Waber  Self-Portrait with Purple Erogenous …
 Kurt Kleidon  Time Starts Starts
 Susan Landgraf  Founder
 López & Gibson  We All Flew South
 Orr & Orr  To Be Alive
 If To Say
 Voltaire Q. Oyzon  The Love Curve
 Ellen Peckham  Red Fence
 Louis Phillips  The Periodic Table of Elements
 Jessy Randall  Poetry Comic #1
 Poetry Comic #2
 Marilyn Stablein  Winter Walk
 Arlene Tribbia  10,000 Loves You Have Known
 Patrice Vecchione  Oh, No, Not the House, Again…


 José Manuel Arango  The Beggar’s Figure
 J. Stiles Askew  Moments
 Michael Bazzett  Expiration Date
 Marvin Bell  Basho’s Frog
 Bonnie Bolling  Reproduction
 Tom Boswell  Harvesting the Carrots
 Jennifer Boyden  Inside This Next Vase, Likely
 Tanya Chernov  Someone Else’s Wet Styrafoam
 Kevin Clark  Class Politics
 Martha Clarkson  How She Described Her Ex-Husband …
 Bruce Cohen  The Jerry Lewis Telethon
 John Colasacco  The Preakness
 Paul F. Cummins  Under Cover
 James Cushing  The Man with the Corpse …
 Paul Dickey  Wheat State Salvation
 ellen  Five Stages of Grieving
 Alejandro Escudé  The Driving Range
 Anthony Farrington  How to Write an Erotic Letter
 Alan Fox  Coupling
 Joy Gaines Friedler  Assisted Living
 Peter Funk  The Town Drunk’s Last Stand
 Jeannine Hall Gailey  Advice Given to Me Before …
 Pamela Garvey  Western Michigan University, 1989
 Maria Mazziotti Gillan  Shame Is the Dress I Wear
 Jack Granath  After the Japanese
 Jonathan Greenhause  Fire Flowers
 Jennifer Gresham  Halfway House for the Incoherent
 Jared Harel  My Grandfather’s 90th
 Jamey Hecht  First Divorce
 Bob Hicok  Show and Tell
 Lovely Day
 Richard Jackson  Silences
 Michael Jemal  Letter to Hugo from Union Street
 Allan Johnston  Goats
 Michael Jon Khandelwal  Hay Elote
 Robert W. King  Work
 Lynne Knight  The Lesson
 Caryn Lazzuri  Monarchs
 Andrew Miller  Claiming to Be Canadian
 Joe Mills  On Attending a High School …
 Dave Morrison  Repairman
 Jason Nemec  Every Drunk Has a Passport
 John Paul O’Connor  Stone City
 Sherman Pearl  Demolition Derby
 Rainer Maria Rilke  Sonnets to Orpheus: Part 2 & #13
 Hayden Saunier  Self-Portrait with the Smithfield Ham…
 Timothy David Shea  Looking at a Photograph …
 J.R. Solonche  The Lover of Stone
 Donna Spector  John Berryman Used to Sway
 Sarah Pemberton Strong  After 75 Years, She Finally Gets Angry
 Jennifer K. Sweeney  Birds of America
 Chrys Tobey  The Loss of Lemons
 Tony Trigilio  Dougie’s Sister Exposes Herself
 Brian Trimboli  Things My Son Should Know …
 Nathaniel Whittemore  Death and Tacos
 Douglas Woody Woodsum  Nocturne with Cat and Spider
 Elizabeth Wurz  After My Third Tattoo
 Meg Yardley  Origami
 John Yohe  You Might
 Matt Zambito  The Louvres
 Jane Zwart  The Perishable


 Marvin Bell
 Bob Hicok