#84 – The Ghazal




Tribute to the Ghazal

Conversation with
Maaz Bin Bilal

The Summer 2024 issue of Rattle features a Tribute to the Ghazal. The ghazal is one of the oldest and most popular poetic forms, but is often misunderstood in the English tradition. We explore the form in-depth, with 21 examples of the form and a conversation with ghazal author and translator Maaz Bin Bilal. Meanwhile, the open section is as open as ever, featuring sonnets, haibun, and free verse with heart, plus a trio of poems by reader-favorite Bob Hicok.

The Ghazal

Audio Available S. A. Ghazal—
Stephen Allen Ghazal (Fire)
Maaz Bin Bilal At the End
Rohan Buettel This Too Shall Pass
Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor Ghazal at the End
Roberto Christiano Dishes
Siddharth Dasgupta Metropolis with Ghazal
Cindy Gore Ghazal for Brevity
Nate Jacob You Must Never Ignore Self
Bethany Jarmul Ghazal: Like a Prayer
Mary Keating Full of It
Alison Luterman Vibrato Ghazal
Shannan Mann In the House of God
Clif Mason Fractured Double Ghazal
Uma Menon Ghazal of And
Russell Nichols The Ghazal about _____
Chiwenite Onyekwelu Ghazal: Of Prayer
Brian O’Sullivan The End of Childhood Is Not Maturity
Surendriya Rao Yeh Dooriyan (These Distances)
Alison Stone Money Ghazal

Open Poetry

Audio Available John Arthur Wayfare
Jana Bouma The Things We Forget
M.P. Carver The State of It
Jen DeGregorio An Argument Against Cynicism
Anna Lucia Deloia We Are Moved
Isabella DeSendi Eve’s Protest
Cindy Guentherman Ladies Blouses $2.99
Staci Halt My Son Says Thank You When I Say I Love You
Chera Hammons Upon Reading That Fruit Flies Age Faster …
Bob Hicok Political Action
At the Reception
True Story
Mike Hopkins At the Dog Track
Danielle Jones Baptized
Conor Kelly Daffodils
Sue Parman Kaizen: How to Build a Poem
J.R. Solonche Waiting
Francisco Castro Videla Being Trans
Dick Westheimer Aging in Place


Maaz Bin Bilal

Cover Art

Edward Fielding (web)