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Rattle Young Poets Anthology

The annual RYPA returns for another year of delightful and insightful poetry that happens to be written by young people. As always, this is not a book of poems for children, but the other way around—these are poems written by children for us all, revealing the startling insights that are possible when looking at the world through fresh eyes. This 36-page chapbook is mailed to all Rattle subscribers along with our Summer 2024 issue. Eighteen poets age 15 or younger contributed to this volume, offering their perspectives on life in an impressive variety of poetic forms, including an abecedarian, a ghazal, a contrapuntal poem, and a haiku series.


Claire Beeli Abecedarian for the Horses …
Iris Cai Ghazal for Grandmother
Elliott Egan False Spring
Annika Ziff Glueck We Have Said So Many Goodbyes
Abby Habtehans What We Leave Behind
Sophia Hall Loose Brick
Ruby Hartman Vanilla Cake
Vivian Huang Airborne Hope
Asher Jarmul Tree Man
Maddie Malone Six Steps to Becoming a Fossil
Sarah Parmet Life Lessons from an Anxious Cheerleader
Miles Rosenberg Choices
Olivia Sung All’s Fair
Alba Payton Valencia Big Hat
Ruoyu Wang Congratulations
Gabby Wenzel Friend
Djuna Wills Owl’s Kahoot
Chen Xue 12 Months Haiku

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Amy DiGi (web)

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