2016 RYPA




Rattle Young Poets Anthology


RYPA 2016

The annual RYPA returns for another year of delightful and insightful poetry that happens to be written by young people. This is not a collection just for kids—these are missives to adults from the next generation, confronting big topics with fresh eyes and a child-like spontaneity. Forty-six poets age 15 or younger contributed to this 72-page volume—53 poems in total. Order your copy and see why the RYPA is always the highlight of our year as publishers.



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 Gabriella Alexis  Flowering
 Lakelynn Amelia  The Flower Thinking
 Maeve Wander Amoroso  Oatmeal
 Priya Bartlett  The Bee Finds a New Home
 The Blossoms Awake
Audio Available  Kaye Marion Campbell  The Whispering of the Wind
Audio Available  Winter
 Emma Cawood  Translation Makeover
 Lela Childs  Fat and Happy
 H. Sky Clay  Sometimes
 Cody Dane  My Fish Story
 Jade Foo  The Bee
 Dad’s Loving Cat
 Sophya Giudici-Juarez  Rinforzando
 Ella Goldberg  Tracks
 Faith Gomez  Cuernavaca, Mexico
 Zachary Hale  Beast
 Katharine Henderson  Chanel No. 5
 Sophia Hopkins  Dreams
 Lucy Johnston  Western Haiku
 Emma Karnes  Four of Arrows
 Shenu Kathymoon  The Path
 Ethan Kim  Candle
Audio Available  Frances Liebert  The Night
 Shoshanah Celia Machlay  Cliffs and the House by the Shore
 Eva Mathew  My Kitty
 Rylee McBride  Roar
 Xanthe McElroy  The Ghost of the Ticket Seller
 Clay Mills  The Beauty We Don’t See
 Shira Moolten  Doubt
 Annasofia Padua  Home Is Not Where the Heart Is
 Harsha Pattnaik  When Humans Walked the Earth
 Jayashri E. Pavlova  I Am an Artist
 Finn Pearce  Two Poems
 Tegan Pedersen  My Pen Is Out of Ink
 Sage Lily Perkins  Windlight Moon
 Horatio Perry  Mystery
 Ishaan Praitis  Untitled
 Luna Zoe Pressman  Chicky Is the Name of the Poem
 Natosha R.  Boots
 Molly Schramm  Pain
 Mackenzie Tatananni  Calavera
 Junuh Tolan  Spirit
 Kevin Tritschler  Haiku
 John Vernaglia  A Beautiful Day in Boston
 Minerva Vivoni  I Said Goodbye to My Caribbean Dress
 Audio Available  Ava Whitney  Evidence of Easy Sleep
 Emma Wilkins  Hidden Light

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Sol Blount