#64 – Summer 2019




Instagram Poets

Conversation with
Pavana Reddy

Rattle #64 cover, woman with umbrella against yellow wallThe Summer 2019 issue features a tribute to Instagram Poets. Much has been written about Instagram poetry over the last several years, and we thought it was time to investigate for ourselves. We received both submissions and recommendations and read through thousands of Instagram accounts, choosing the best 18 poems we could find. Some of them are Insta-famous, with hundreds of thousands of followers on the platform, while others have as few as 20. As with all things, we’re interested in the quality of the poems and not the stature of the poets. The styles span the range, too, from visual poems to epigrams to more traditional poetry that just happens to fit well with the media.  Learn more about the nexus of poetry and Instagram as Timothy Green talks to emerging star Pavana Reddy.

Meanwhile, the open section features two dozen eclectic poems, including the return of previously unpublished poet Marvin Artis, with a second round of his hidden gems.


Instagram Poets

Audio Available Benjamin Aleshire Good Manners
Christopher Cioc He Don’t Love Me
Luigi Coppola Find
Lauren Eden I’m Not Confused
Vini Emery All of the Things
Raquel Franco You Are More Than Paper Thin
Jade Homa I Need to Stop Looking
Mack Jarvis Imagine a Violin Bow
Audio Available Kat Lehmann Taxonomy
David Lukas Cider
Christopher McCurry Simple Prayer
Audio Available LQ McDonald III No Gold Pursues the Dawn
Gabrielle Nelson I Should Change the Light
Eric Peterson Thus
Pavana Reddy There Is No Poetry in Loving Someone
Eva Simmons One Smile
Brian Sonia-Wallace My Gift Is the Sculpture


Audio Available Amy Alvarez How to Date a White Boy
Audio Available Chris Anderson Misreading Darwin
Audio Available Marvin Artis Poetry
Audio Available Two Lovers Standing on the East River …
Audio Available New Negroes
Audio Available Bruce Bennett Comforts
Catherine Bresner Canvasser
Audio Available Susan Browne Strange Ode
Audio Available George David Clark Sun on Your Shoulders
Audio Available Matt Farrell Sky Blue
Alan C. Fox Full Disclosure
Audio Available Kate Gale Sit on My Lap, I’ll Show You Happily Ever After
Audio Available Stephanie A. Hart The Purse
Stephen Kampa To Keep the Day
Audio Available David Kirby Little Movies
Lania Knight Susurration
Morgan Kovacs An Abecedarian for the Unmentionable
Craig Kurtz Life Before the Internet
Audio Available Derek Otsuji The Whale Watchers
Audio Available Catherine Pond Star Signs
Audio Available Carol Potter In Which I Get Out of a Speeding Ticket
Aarti Rao Dear Payaswini
Audio Available Pavana Reddy Tirupati
Craig van Rooyen Siege Machinery


Pavana Reddy (web)

Cover Art

Edu Lauton (web)