“I’m Not Confused” by Lauren Eden

Lauren Eden | @ofyesteryear

I'm not confused. I just don't want to want what I want. text with flowers

ofyesteryear If you keep talking fast enough, you can talk yourself out of the man you are in love with, but only temporarily. The silence always comes, and the moon will glare at you again with its unblinking watchful eye, and you will crumble like stars.

Confusion is the biggest lie we tell ourselves. It is the easy excuse we give to lovers and friends and family to keep them here with us a little longer, because we know that what we need to tell them is going to break their fucking hearts.

Nothing hurts more than hurting the ones we love in complex ways simply by being ourselves. And so we live in a world where everyone is pretending to be someone different, and when you are an empath, believe me, you can smell it a mile away—the world is on the nose. It reeks of bullshit.

from Rattle #64, Summer 2019
Tribute to Instagram Poets


Lauren Eden: “Bringing my poetry to the mainstream via Instagram had huge appeal for me because, call me an idealist, I’ve always believed that there is a form of poetry for everyone, and all that’s needed is access. I figured if people weren’t walking into bookstores I’d hit them up on their phones. Bring poetry to the masses.” (web)

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