“Full Disclosure” by Alan C. Fox

Alan C. Fox


I keep many secrets
I’m going to tell a few
You will know me better
Though still I won’t know you

A process much like praying
Though we don’t need a pew
And we’ll really never finish
We’ll always keep a few

I’m tired more than yesterday
Exhaustion simply grew
Now that you are older
You may feel it too

Do dear friends really know me
Perhaps, just one or two
Not completely because I hide
Like others in the zoo

Most important, I’m an alien
Here to spy on you
Report back to my people
They’re energy, like you

There, that is the big one
We were separate as we grew
Now carrot and potato
We swim in the same stew

Now you know me better
What I say may be true
But when you tap my shoulder
We still ask each other who

from Rattle #64, Summer 2019


Alan C. Fox: “I love the big wallop a poem can deliver in just a few words, and for the past ten years I have focused on eight line poems. Some are only nine or ten words. Now I’m back to writing a rhyming poem.” (web)

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