“Taxonomy” by Kat Lehmann

Kat Lehmann | @songsofkat

Haibun with carved unicorn figurine: sleeping summer / my deepest grief / rolls over

songsofkat And you might not know all you are carrying too. Let us own what is ours and release what was never ours to carry. <3
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from Rattle #64, Summer 2019
Tribute to Instagram Poets


Kat Lehmann: “I’m a Ph.D. biochemist, which means I occasionally let my freak flag fly a bit by writing science poems. I wouldn’t say that Instagram is the primary venue through which I share poetry. I enjoy publishing in journals and have a couple of books, but Instagram has a special place in my poetry writing practice that is not filled by traditional venues. I learned to write Japanese short form poetry as part of the Twitter haiku and tanka community. Twitter helped me develop my precision in word choice ‘back in the day’ when tweets were limited to 180 characters. I loved exploring the depth possible in a tiny space, and I believe this economy helps me when I write longer poems. Twitter led me to join the analogous communities on Facebook and participating in NaHaiWriMo and similar groups. Three years ago, I joined Instagram in advance of my son getting a phone. I knew young people were on Instagram, and I wanted to be savvy with the medium before my son had a presence on it. Soon, I fell in love with the visual component of Instagram for presenting poetry. I get a real nerdy thrill when I can zoom onto a page of poetry and show the lush texture of paper. I play with lighting and props. I print poems and take them outdoors into the dirt, river, and garden. I use Instagram as a statement that poetry is at home everywhere; it fits in the real world. I can make a poem beautiful in an immediate and multi-sensory way, and the people on Instagram are primed to receive it and provide immediate feedback. Where else can a writer receive an instant response from readers and have fun with presentation in the process?” (web)

Kat Lehmann is the guest on episode 8 of the Rattlecast, Tuesday, September 10th. Click the link to watch and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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