#61 – Fall 2018




First Publication

Conversation with
Marvin Artis

Rattle #61This fall we’re celebrating the joy of first publication with fourteen poets who have never before had their poems appear in print or online. Rattle has always been a testament to the fact that publishing histories do not matter—powerful poems lurk inside all of us—and this issue highlights that truth. Culled from over 1,000 submissions, these standout poets are starting what we expect to be long careers in literature. The issue is also the breakout party for Marvin Artis, a previously unpublished lawyer in New York City who has enough brilliant poems hidden away to fill up a book. We’re publishing four of them in this issue, and Alan C. Fox visited with him for a conversation to learn more.

Also in this issue, an especially deep open section draws on love, death, and life in a hot dog factory. Featuring two poems each from Heather Bell, Kim Bridgford, James Valvis, and Roberty Wrigley, plus two Francesca Bell translations of German poet Max Sessner—this is the most poems we’ve ever published in a quarterly issue—47 of them.


First Publication

Audio Available Marvin Artis Meditation on a Dining Room Table
Audio Available Purple Hearts
Audio Available Life
Audio Available Penumbra
David Borman Modern Form
Audio Available Justin KB Slow Worship
Audio Available Caleb M.X. Dance Handscape
Kristian Doyle Sonnet
Thomas Mann Ask
Farah Peterson Auschwitz I & II
Audio Available Natasha Rao Poem for a Blue Page
Justy Rothe Twice
Audio Available Julie Schultz Singularity
Audio Available Ryan Thier The Call to Pour
Daniel Valdez Leslie Doesn’t Believe in Love
Audio Available Jessica Venturi To Mourn
Audio Available Nasreen Yazdani How to Turn Off a Ceiling Fan


Heather Bell Love Poem
Sad Song
Audio Available Kim Bridgford The Carbon Monoxide Gas
Audio Available The Oven
Travis Burke Uncle Ivan and the Last Dog Race
Barbara Campbell Tangles
Audio Available Robert Carr After Mother Dies, Most Men Need a Lover
Audio Available Kevin Clark Elegy
Audio Available Nicelle Davis After Coffee with My Nurse Friend
Audio Available Stephen Gibson The Real Thing
Audio Available Mike Good C.W.P.
Audio Available Jackleen Holton Jesus Is My Flu Shot
Audio Available Samuel Hughes At Night, My Father Does Not Sing
Audio Available Judy Kronenfeld Letter to the Ministry of Loneliness
Jacob Lindberg You’re Bound to See Someone You Know …
Audio Available Katherine Lo Gravitational Time Dilation
Audio Available Taylor Mali The Father Speaking Through My Son
Benjamin Myers The Town Drunk Recalls the Rainmaker …
Audio Available Soonest Nathaniel Parting Ritual
Audio Available Kathryn Petruccelli Lamps
Audio Available Doug Ramspeck The Long Dead
Aaron Reeder To My Uncle Who Is in Prison for Robbing Banks
Audio Available Mather Schneider Suicide Lane
Prartho Sereno A Few Questions Before We Go On
Audio Available Max Sessner August Evening
Audio Available It Is
Audio Available James Valvis Mail Call
Audio Available The Distracted
Audio Available Robert Wrigley So We Meet Again
Audio Available Rain


Marvin Artis

Cover Art

Thomas Terceira