“Married to Amazement” by James Crews

James Crews


The man I married sat next to me
after our wedding, October light pouring in
over dusty pews as he loosened his tie
and sipped from a cup of apple cider,
closing his eyes to savor the taste.
Now I think I didn’t marry him so much
as his amazement for the everyday,
the way he still gasps each time we see
something new—baby painted turtle
plodding through a stream in the quarry,
or a neon-orange caterpillar inching
across crisp leaves on the trail,
how he kneels to film it from every angle
while I crouch beside him, in awe
of his awe, learning all that I can.

from Rattle #82, Winter 2023


James Crews: “I live in Shaftsbury, Vermont, with my husband and have been writing poetry since the third grade when my teacher, Mrs. Brown, required us to recite a new poem each week, and I thought it would be more fun if I wrote and memorized my own. I believe in the power of writing to heal and release, and write the poems I most would want to meet in the world.” (web)

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