“Fruit Guy” by John Wojtowicz

John Wojtowicz


Each morning my son and I pass
an orchard on the way
to his preschool 
and this morning, he asks 
what type of forest is that? 
and I tell him
it’s an orchard, a fruit farm
and he declares: 
Farms. Have. Animals.
I tell him some farms have fruit 
but again, he insists 
that this cannot be true. 
And because I know 
better, I ask, who grows the fruit 
if not the farmer?
And my son responds, 
the fruit guy grows the fruit. 
And believing I have him cornered 
I declare, a fruit guy 
is a type of farmer
but my son retorts—
the fruit guy 
is a watermelon named Mr. Banana.
I am silent 
a humpty-dumpty-type 
with an unfortunate surname 
waking up 
next to his watermelon wife 
donning overalls 
and straw hat
before heading out into his fields 
with basket 
and stepladder. 
And because this 
is a reality worth escaping into—
I let Mr. Banana live.

from Rattle #82, Winter 2023


John Wojtowicz: “I write poetry because I don’t like fishing, but I do like casting a line into the void and throwing most of what I catch back.” (web)

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