#68 – Summer 2020


Conversation with Paul E. Nelson



Postcard Poems

Conversation with
Paul E. Nelson

Rattle #68 cover, illustration of a train rolling by a river at duskThe Summer 2020 issue features a tribute to Postcard Poems, in a loose partnership with SPLAB’s August Postcard Poetry Festival, including 19 color postcards and the poems they inspired—or vice-versa. Many of the poets crafted their own visual art, while others focused on the act of spontaneous composition. Timothy Green talked to SPLAB founder Paul E. Nelson in a rangy conversation covering topics from Organic Poetry to bioregions to Buddhism.

In the open section, the poems themselves are as varied as always, with everything from experimental monologues to summer haiku.

The issue releases June 1st, and all subscribers will receive a copy of the 2020 Rattle Young Poets Anthology along with it. Visit our purchase page to subscribe for just $25/year.


Postcard Poems

Velid Beganovic Borjen What You Are Left With
Audio Available Tina Mozelle Braziel The Coast Starlight
Audio Available Victor Enns First Train. Boundary Creek Station.
Eugene Fairbanks Postcard from Paris
Where Is It?
Audio Available Sonia Feldman 5,000 Prostitutes of Erice
Laura Gamache What I Want to Tell You
Audio Available Rhonda Ganz The Hunger Games
Audio Available Donna Henderson Postcard from Kailua-Kona
Meghan Howard Perspective
Beverly Jackson Mother
Audio Available Sarah T. Jewell Death in His Robe
Laura R. McCullough You Are All the Pieces
Audio Available Paul E. Nelson Fender Rhodes Transmission
C.R. Resetarits We Never Were
Lindsay Shen Private Garden
Audio Available Jennifer Sheridan 3. À la Recherche du Temps Perdu
Anne Swannell Wheelbarrow Music
Martin Willitts, Jr. Greetings from Syracuse

Open Poetry

Audio Available Megan Alyse Like Waving Goodbye
Audio Available Melissa Andres Arrival
Deborah A. Bennett Five Haiku
Jacqueline Berger Women with Men
Audio Available Alejandro Escudé Bed Sheets (Moving Out After Separation)
Michelle Bonczek Evory Maxing Out
Audio Available Tom C. Hunley The Fact That There’s a Snake Tunneling …
Audio Available Lynne Knight Peeling Potatoes in Puerto Vallarta
Audio Available Gregory Loselle Laudamus
Audio Available Alison Luterman Pulling Weeds
Audio Available James Davis May Which Do You Value More?
Audio Available Jennifer Perrine Fur Baby
Audio Available T.R. Poulson How I Survive Without a Prime Membership
Audio Available Laura Read The Cheerleader
Audio Available Monica
Yaccaira Salvatierra Birdlands: Postales
Audio Available Tina Schumann Dear Morning Commuters
Penda Smith How We Became City Girls
Penda and the Burning Bush Responds …
Laura Tanenbaum An Incomplete List of Places I Have Breastfed …
Martin Vest Asterisks


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