“3. À La Recherche du Temps Perdu” by Jennifer Sheridan

Jennifer Sheridan


Each night as I floss my teeth, I feel a pull in opposite 
directions. Generally, I hope my diligence has left only 
the remnants of my most recently consumed meal, but 
if, perhaps, I have missed something from breakfast, 
a whole flax seed, a morsel of raspberry, and this has 
begun to decay in the crevasses along the gum line of 
my aging teeth, I might catch a tiny taste of the 
gingivitis-breath my long-dead mother would sometimes 
sigh into the side of my face when she hugged me good 
night, and, inevitably, in this case, I must lean against the 
sink slightly as a wave of sweet grief crashes through me.


Photo by Jennifer Sheridan

from Rattle #68, Summer 2020
Tribute to Postcard Poems


Jennifer Sheridan: “While I hold an MFA in fiction writing, and write a great deal about the books I champion as a sales rep for HarperCollins Children’s Division, I had never really tried writing poetry. A dear friend, with whom I’d recently reconnected at a Macalester College reunion, urged me to join the annual PoPo festival with him. So, I gave it a whirl. I now have a chapbook collection I hope to publish! I have grown so much as a writer due to this marvelous ‘exercise in spontaneity’ and encourage others who are looking for a little creative nudge to check it out.”

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