2018 RYPA




Rattle Young Poets Anthology


RYPA 2018 cover, colorful manThe annual RYPA returns for another year of delightful and insightful poetry that happens to be written by young people. This is not a collection just for kids—these are missives to adults from the next generation, confronting big topics with fresh eyes and a child-like spontaneity. Thirty-six poets age 16 or younger contributed to this volume. Order your copy and see why the RYPA is always the highlight of our year as publishers.



Tonee Ales I Hear Laughing
Thomas Ball Worried
Priya Bartlett About Time
Aliyah Blattner The Sun
Zara Brandt Wings
Rowan Brown Uno
Sophia Buss The Waiter
Elena Castro McDonald’s Circa the ’80s
Maria Cheriyan A Song and Dance
Nathalie Chicoine Peppermint Tea
James Crosse This Is a Rhyming Poem
Jeffrey Diamond Greeting the Time in the Fall
Mackenzie Dwyer Alt-Dimension Exodus
Isley Ellington Vanilla Sweetpie the Dragon
Scarlet Esparza-Pasos Legend
Greta Geriguis Sweet Cherries
Ingrid Grabowski The World
Josephina Green Mother’s Day Things
Sarah Hartenstine I Am
Eva Hays Background Thoughts
Ja’Lantea Johnson Me
Jane Josefowicz Blue
Caitlin Krastek Four Poems
Annie Li An ABC Breakfast
Gabriela Linarez-Rochin Future
Ellis McGinley The Funeral
Cathy Nie Mother Said
Tobi-Hope Park Snow
McKenzie Renfrew Vague Existence
Jack Rhodehamel Vanilla
Matthew Roller Mr. Sly
Rosemary Santos Candy Bandits
Ayla Radha Schultz Two Haiku
Audio Available Kelsea Sheffield Blue
Audio Available Zoey Sheffield The Lost and the Found
Julia Spande Dear Holden,
Mayte Taipe The Courting Rituals of Champagne Bottles
Mae Tromsness Drought
Corinne Vicario Crab
Dodge Warcken Rain
Alisha N. Wright The Cold Bench
Lingyu Yan The World’s Best Beef Lamian
Minjung Yu Courtesy

Cover Art

Miranda Jane Day