“The Hunger Games” by Rhonda Ganz

Rhonda Ganz


from Rattle #68, Summer 2020
Tribute to Postcard Poems


Rhonda Ganz: “I took part in the August Postcard Poetry Project for the sheer joy of on-the-spot writing. I’d pick a postcard, figure out the response I was having to the image on the front, release expectations, and write spontaneously—the opposite of my usual writing process. I often chose a prompt for the month. The year I wrote ‘The Hunger Games,’ all the poems were named after titles of books I owned. I also loved the anticipation of postcards from other poets arriving in the mail. A big perk: one postcard poem a day for the month of August equals 31 poems. I don’t write that many in the whole rest of the year! This issue of Rattle reminds me how satisfying the Postcard Poetry Project is. Sign me up again.” (web)

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