“862. Fender Rhodes Transmission” by Paul E. Nelson

Paul E. Nelson


for Christine Irving, Denton, TX


   Feel like I’ve received
  a Zen transmission from
 Sam & the Fender Rhodes
of Jan Hammer. Over
 & over the keys in Mahavishnu
Orchestra’s “Miles
Beyond” play & reset me
  in 1973, when I’d turn 12.
 LP: “Birds of Fire.”
    Birds = Divine Manifestation
     Fire = Purification. & so
             goes August.


Collage by Paul E. Nelson

from Rattle #68, Summer 2020
Tribute to Postcard Poems


Paul E. Nelson: “I was a radio guy for 26 years and was drawn people addressing issues in the community from a holistic or whole systems perspective. I started interviewing poets and started getting interested in writing it. I interviewed Allen Ginsberg and then Michael McClure, and those two interviews more than anything else honed my interest in not only poetry but the poetry of North American open form tradition, which led to McClure’s tutelage to get into projective verse, which led to surreality and other stances on spontaneous composition including Denise Levertov and Robert Duncan’s organic poetry, Robin Blaser on Jack Spicer’s The Practice of Outside, and it just keeps getting refined the more I go on. Each day you like to think you’re a little closer to what will bring you joy and individuation and good health and happiness and all those nice things.” (web)

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