#17 – Summer 2002




Tribute to Pulitzer Prize Winners

Conversations with
Mark Doty & Sharon Olds

We don’t know if it was the interviews with Sharon Olds and Mark Doty, or if it was profiles of recent Pulitzer Prize winners in the tribute section, or the beautful cover art, but Rattle #17 was the first of our issues to sell out. We had to retire it in the summer of 2008.

Or so we thought…

Cleaning out our storage unit, we found a box that had been mislabeled, and inside an extra 40 copies. These are the last copies we have, for sure this time, so order yours now, at the usual back-issue sale price.




Stephen Dunn (2) • Philip LevineCharles Simic (2, 3)
Mark Strand (2, 3) • James Tate (2) • C.K. Williams


Dan Adams • Mishal AghaDC BerryTerry Blackhawk
E.G. BurrowsMike CatalanoDavid Cazden
Christopher CessacGeraldine ConnollyT.M. Cox
John Paul DavisEileen DohertyMark Doty
Jeffrey L. DyeAllen C. FischerJack Foss
Alan Fox • Fred Fox • Conrad GellerK.A. Ghazi
Tony Gloeggler • Arthur Gottlieb
H. Daniel Hettmannsperger IIINigel Hinshelwood
Marc Elihu HofstadterGwen HummelBob K. Johnston
Mark Evan JohnstonDavid JordanChris Kingsley
Theodore K. Krieger • Hollis Kurman • Janet Tracy Landman
J.T. Ledbetter • M.L. Liebler • Perie Longo • Amy MacLennan
Prasenjit Maiti • Peter Makuck • Osip Mandelstam
Gerald McCarthy • James D. McDonough • Glenn McKee
Mario Milosevic • Lee Moreland • Darren Morris
Steve Myers • B.Z. Niditch • John Nimmo • Kathy O’Fallon
Sharon Olds • William Page • David Petruzelli
Marc Pietrzykowski • Christa Polkinhorn • Elisha Porat
Augustine F. Porras • Irena Praitis • David Rachel
Gary Rafferty • Elizabeth Rees • Cheri L. Roberts
Denis Robillard • Steven Rydman • Lisa Rye
Lynn Veach Sadler • Diane Seuss • Gary Smith
Bruce Spang • George Sparling • George Staehle
Daniel Sumrall • Alexander Taylor • Jeri Theriault
Lynne Thompson • Anthony Tracy • Kristen Uyeda
Leonore Wilson • Thomas Wooten • Fredrick Zydek


Hugh Fox • Joyce Metzger • Jan Wesley • David Widup


William Earl Brecher • Gary Rafferty


Mark Doty
Sharon Olds

Pulitzer Prize Winners