#52 – Summer 2016





Conversation with
Brendan Constantine

Rattle #52Rattle #52 features a tribute to 21 Los Angeles poets, and a lively conversation with one of L.A.’s most vibrant voices in Brendan Constantine. Los Angeles is our home city, but we’re an international magazine and not especially sociable, so we wanted to peek in and see what’s happening in the local scene. Greater Los Angeles is home to almost 20 million people, including a very eclectic but widely dispersed poetry community: Take your pick of the many poetry readings and open mics happening daily—but good luck driving there! It’s also a city full of complicated history and cinematic beauty. As always, we put out an open call for submissions, and were impressed with what Angeleno poets had to offer, including a love poem for Los Angeles by L.A. Poet Laureate Luis J. Rodriguez.

The open section brings together sixteen poets from other regions of the world, with all the passion and compassion and honesty Rattle issues are known for.



 Audio Available  Resa Alboher  A Few More Notes on My Fall …
 Allan Aquino  For Yumi Sakugawa
 Audio Available  Chanel Brenner  To the Frustrated Mother in Starbucks …
 Brendan Constantine  Red Sugar Blue Smoke
 From the Big Book of Games for Girls
 Audio Available  Jack Cooper  L.A. River
 Alejandro Escudé  Green Felt Pants
 Audio Available  Alexis Rhone Fancher  The Dracaena Plant in My Apartment …
 Alan Fox  Today
 Jack Grapes  Any Style
 Ron Koertge  A Surprise Visit
 Dear Citizen,
 Deborah P. Kolodji  Four Haiku
 Lester Graves Lennon  Crossing Over
 Audio Available  Ruth Madievsky  Paragard
 Risa Potters  In My Mother’s Things
 Raquel Reyes-Lopez  The Draft of a Messiah
 Luis J. Rodriguez  Love Poem to Los Angeles
 Lynne Thompson  The Curious Adoptee
 Amy Uyematsu  I Wish I’d Seen My Nisei Father Dance
 Charles Harper Webb  The New Humility
 Mari Werner  Oscar
 Audio Available  Cecelia Woloch  Self-Pity

Open Poetry

 Stephen Bett  For Love of You
 Audio Available  Christopher Citro  The Mutual Building
 Audio Available  Tiana Clark  Exorcism
 Audio Available  Peter J. Curry  The Poet Abandons His Craft
 Jennifer Givhan  The Cheerleaders
 Audio Available  Nancy Gomez  Supernova
 Audio Available  Deadbeat
 Audio Available  Chris Green  Inventing the Dolphin
 Audio Available  Nora Iuga  Istovitu Works the Nightshift
 Felicia Krol  Between Funerals
 S.H. Lohmann  Survival English
 Susan H. Maurer  Ant Logic
 Audio Available  Sarah McKinstry-Brown  Letter to Myself, 15 Years After the Affair
 Robert Nazarene  Reflection #6,189
 Pedro Poitevin  I Feel the Memory of Writing You
 Bill Rector  Autumn
 Bro. Yao  Putting the Niggers to Rest


Brendan Constantine

Cover Art

Mark Hillringhouse