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In 2006 we began publishing electronic reviews instead of including them in our print issues, so that we could publish more of them, in a more timely manner, and with more spatial freedom. Our policy was to never assign review, and to welcome any opinion that seemed honest. We also encouraged a personal narrative style, to reflect the private and subjective experience of actually reading a book. The E-Reviews section closed at the end of 2013, but over the seven years we published the hundreds of reviews you’ll find below. This is the archive.



E-Reviews by Book Author

Abani, Chris – Sanctificum
Accardi, Millicent – Woman on a Shaky Bridge
Adams, Rachel – What Is Heard
Addonizio, Kim – Ordinary Genius
Addonizio, Kim – Lucifer at the Starlite
Ang, Arlene – Seeing Birds in Church …
Ashton, Sally – Some Odd Afternoon
Azriel, Yakov – Beads for the Messiah’s Bride
Albergotti, Dan – The Boatloads
Ali, Agha Shahid – The Veiled Suite
Aliesan, Jody – True North: Nord Vrai
Allen, Kelli – Otherwise, Soft White Ash
Alurista – Xicano Duende
Ammons, A.R. – Ommateum (With Doxology)
Arthur, James – Charms Against Lightning
Atkinson, Charles – Fossil Honey
Atwood, Margaret – Morning in the Burned House
Ayers, Lana Hechtman – Dance From …
Ayers, Lana Hechtman – A New Red
Balbo, Ned – Something Must Happen
Bang, Mary Jo – Elegy
Barber, Caleb – Beasts & Violins
Bar-Nadav, Hadara – A Glass of Milk …
Barnstone, Willis – Life Watch
Barnstone, Willism, tr. – Restored New Testament
Bartow, Stewart – Questions for the Sphinx
Bass, Ellen – Mules of Love
Basso, Eric – The Catwalk Watch
Basso, Eric – The Catwalk Watch (2)
Baugher, Janée – The Body’s Physics
Beachy-Quick, Dan – This Nest, Swift Passerine
Beasley, Sandra – Theories of Falling
Beasley, Sandra – I Was the Jukebox
Beatman, Lisa – Manufacturing America
Beck, Art – Summer With All …
Beckman, Joshua – Take It
Belz, Aaron – The Bird Hoverer
Bergmann, F.J. – Out of the Black Forest
Berrigan, Ted – Collected Poems
Bertram, Lillian-Yvonne – But a Storm is Blowing from Paradise
Bethanis, Peter – American Future
Bingham, Remica L. – What We Ask of Flesh
Blatner, Barbara – The Still Position
Blauner, Laurie – Wrong
Bliumis-Dunn, Sally – Talking Underwater
Bly, Robert – Talking into the Ear of the Donkey
Bly, Robert – Talking into the Ear of the Donkey (2)
Bogen, Deborah – Landscape with Silos
Boisseau, Michelle – A Sunday in God Years
Boully, Jenny – [one love affair]*
Bredle, Jason – Standing in Line …
Brehm, John – Help Is on the Way
Briante, Susan – Utopia Minus
Brock, Kristin – Cloisters
Brodsky, Louis Daniel – Dine-Rite: Breakfast Poems
Brodsky, Louis Daniel – By Leaps and Bounds
Brooks, Michelle – Make Yourself Small
Browne, Susan – Zephyr
Bryan Sharon – Sharp Stars
Buckley, Christopher – Modern History
Burnside, John – The Hunt in the Forest
Bursk, Christopher – First Inhabitants of …
Byrne, Edward – Seeded Light
Calder, Kim – Who’s to Say What’s Home
Campbell, Monty, Jr – A Large Dent in the Moon
Capps, Ashley – Mistaking the Sea …
Cardenal, Ernesto – The Origin of Species …
Cardenas, Brenda – From the Tongues …
Carrington, Patrick – Rise, Fall …
Carrington, Patrick – Thirst
Carter, Jared – A Dance in the Street
Castillo, Ana – Watercolor Women …
Chorlton, David – From the Age of Miracles
Clarke, John – Good Lonely Day
Clark, Kevin – Self-Portrait with Explicatives
Cleary, Michael – Halfway Decent Sinners
Clifton, Lucille – Voices
Coke, Allison Hedge – Dog Road Woman
Conner, Peter – The Crows Were Laughing …
Cooper & Estabrook – Methinks I See My Father
Corbett, Maryann – Breath Control
Cortez, Sarah – Cold Blue Steel
Coutley, Lisa Fay – In the Carnival of Breathing
Cowles, Kathryn – Eleanor, Eleanor …
Crenshaw, Brad – My Gargantuan Desire
Crooker, Barbara – More
Crooker, Barbara – Radiance
Crow, Pam – Inside This House
Daniels, Jim – Street
Darling, Kristina Marie – Compendium
Darling, Kristina Marie – Melancholia (An Essay)
Davis, Peter – Hitler’s Moustache
Davis, Peter – Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!
Davis, Todd – Some Heaven
Davis, Todd – In the Kingdom of the Ditch
Dentz, Shira – Door of Thin Skins
Deppe, Theodore – Orpheus on the Red Line
Der-Hovanessian, Diana – The Second Question
Dickman, Michael – The Flies
di Giorgio, Mirosa – Diadem
Dimartino, Joanie – Licking the Spoon
Dimitrov, Alex – American Boys
Dockins, Mike – Slouching in the Path …
Dougherty, Sean Thomas – Sasha Sings…
Doyle, James – The Long View Just Keeps Treading Water
Doyle, James – Bending Under the Yellow ..
Dragojlovic, Dragan – Death’s Homeland
Donnelly, Richard – The Melancholy MBA
Dubrow, Jehanne – From the Fever-World
Dungy, Camille – Suck on the Marrow
Dunn, Robert – Je Ne Regrette Rien
Duval, Quinton – Joe’s Rain
Egan, Moira – Bar Napkin Sonnets
Eglin, Laura Cesarco – Tailor Shop: Threads
Espada, Martin – The Republic of Poetry
Espada, Martin – The Trouble Ball
Espaillat, Rhina – Her Place in These Designs
Essinger, Cathryn, Innocence
Estess, Sybil Pitmann – Blue, Candled …
Fagan, Aaron – Garage
Fagan, Aaron – Garage (2)
Fargnoli, Patricia – Then, Something
Feinfeld, D.A – Rodin’s Eyes
Ferro, Jeanpaul – Being Dead
Ferro, Jeanpaul – Jazz
Fetherling, George – Plans Deranged by Time
Fielden, Amelia – Baubles, Bangles & Beads
Fischer, B.K. – Mutiny Gallery
Fisher-Wirth, Ann – Dream Cabinet
Foust, Rebecca – Dark Card
Foust, Rebecca – Mom’s Canoe
Fox, Valerie – The Glass Book
Frith, Carol – Two for a Journey
Fry, John – Silt Will Swirl
Garrison, David Lee – Playing Bach on the D.C. Metro
Spera, Gabriel – The Rigid Body
Garvey, Pamela – Fear
Gavin, Larry – Stone and Sky
Ghaffer, Asher – Wasps in a Golden …
Gillan, Maria Mazziotti – The Place I Call Home
Gillette, Michelle – The Green Cottage
Gloeggler, Tony – Greatest Hits
Gluck, Louise – A Village Life
Girmay, Aracelis – Teeth
Goetsch, Douglas – Your Whole Life
Goldbarth, Albert – Everyday People
Goldner, Harvey – Her Bright Bottom
Golos, Veronica – Vocabulary of Silence
Good, Howie – Cryptic Endearments
Goodan, Kevin – Winter Tenor
Goodman, Brent – My Brother Swimming …
Goodyear, Dana – The Oracle of Hollywood Boulevard
Grant, Alex – Chains & Mirrors
Graziano, Nathan – Teaching Metaphors
Greenhouse, Stuart – What Remains
Greinki/Rimbaud – Drunken Boat
Griffiths, M.A. – Grasshopper
Grimm, Teri Youmans – Dirt Eaters
Guess, Carol – F IN
Guest, Paul – My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge
Le Guin, Ursula K. – Finding My Elegy
Gundy, Jeff – Spoken Among the Trees
Hadaway, Meredith – Fishing Secrets…
Hafiz – Two Translations
Hamill, Sam – Measured by Stone
Hansen & Hasselstrom – Dirt Songs: A Plains Duet
Hardy, Myronn – Headless Saints
Harrington, Janice – Even the Hollow …
Harrison, Pamela – What to Make of It
Hartenbach, Mark – Beneath the …
Harvey, Matthea – Modern Life
Harvey, Suzanne Richardson – A Tiara for …
Haskins, Lola – Not Feathers Yet
Hawkey, Christian – Book of Funnels
Haven, Stephen – The Last Sacred Place in North America
Haven, Stephen – Dust & Bread
Hays, K.A. – Early Creatures, Native Gods
Hecht, Jamey – Limousine Midnight Blue
Heflin, Jack – Local Hope
Hembree, Carolyn – Skinny
Henn, Steve – And God Said: Let There Be Evolution!
Henry, Nancy A. – Our Lady of Let’s All Sing
Hernandez, David – Hoodwinked
Hiemstra, Marvin – French Kiss Destiny
Hilbert, Ernest – Sixty Sonnets
Hinton, David – Selected Poems of Li Po
Homan, Brandi – Two Kinds of Arson
Hostovsky, Paul – A Little in Love a Lot
Hughey, Elizabeth – Sunday Houses the …
Hunley, Tom C. – Octopus
Inez, Colette – Horseplay
Irwin, Mark – Tall If
James, David – She Dances Like Mussolini
Jamieson, Leland – In Vitro
Jackson, Gary – Missing You, Metropolis
Jedamus, Julith – The Swerve
Johnson, Larry – Veins
Johnston, Alastair – Elipsis (…)
Jones, Arlitia – Bandsaw Riots
Jones-Davis, Georgia – Blue Poodle
Kane, Julie – Rhythm and Booze
Kányádi, Sándor – In the Contemporary Tense
Karasek, Joseph – Love and the Ten …
Kasischke, Laura – Space, in Chains
Kaufman, Shirley – Ezekiel’s Wheels
Keelan, Claudia – Missing Her
Kelleher, Rose – Bundle O’ Tinder
Kempa, Rick – Ten Thousand Voices
Kerrigan, Nancy – The Voices
Keyes, Claire – The Question of Rapture
King, Robert – Old Man Laughing
King, Rosie – Sweetwater, Saltwater
Kingston, Katie – El Rio de las Animas …
Kinsella, John – Divine Comedy
Kinsella, John – Divine Comedy (2)
Klass, Margo & Frank Soos – Double Moon
klipschutz – This Drawn and Quartered Moon
Kohler, Sandra – The Country of Women
Knox, Janet Norman – Eastlake Cleaners …
Kohler, Sandra – Improbably Music
Kosk, Lidia – Sweetwater/Saltwater
Kosmicki, Greg – We Have Always Been …
Krok, Peter – Looking for the Eye
Krut, Robert – The Spider Sermons
Kumin, Maxine – Still to Mow
Kutchins, Laurie – Slope of the Child …
La Ganga, Annie – Stoners and Self- …
Laux, Dorinane – Book of Men
Lawrence, Jenifer Browne – One Hundred …
Leatherman, Stacie – Storm Crop
Lee, Karen An-hwei
Lee, Li-Young – Behind My Eyes
Lee, Li-Young – The Winged Seed
Lee, Stellasue – firecracker RED
Leon, Raina – Canticle of Idols
L’Esperance, Mari – The Darkened Temple
Levin, Lynn – Fair Creature Hour
Levin, Lynn – Miss Plastique
Levis, Larry – Elegy
Lightle, Drake A. – Self-Inflicted
Linehan, Moira – If No Moon
Lockie, Ellaraine – Blue Ribbons …
Lockward, Diane – What Feeds Us
Lockward, Diane – Temptation by Water
Luczaj, Sarah – An Urgent Request
Ludwin, Peter – A Guest in All Your Houses
Lukas, Krista – Fans of My Unconcious
Lumsden, Roddy – Roddy Lumsden Is Dead
Lynch, Alessandra – It Was a Terrible Cloud …
Lindenberg, Rebecca – Love, An Index
Maclay, Sarah – The White Bride
Madzirov, Nikola – Remnants of Another Age
Maloutas, Barbara – The Whole Marie
Manning, Maurice – Bucolics
Manning, Maurice – Lawrence Booth’s …
Marbrook, Djelloul – Far From Algiers
Mark, Sabrina Orah – The Babies
Marks, Janet – I Wanted a City
Martin, Camille – Looms
Matherne, Beverly – Lamothe-Cadillac
Maughn, James – The Arakaki Permutations
McBride, Timothy – The Manageable Cold
McCarthy, Jack – What I Saw
McDuffie, Brad – And the West Was Not …
McGlynn, Karyna – Alabama Steve
McIlroy, Leslie Anne – Liquid Like This
McKinney, Irene – Unthinkable
McIntosh, Sandy – 49 Guaranteed Ways …
McLaughlin, Damon – Exchanging Lives
Mergan, Alexa – Clear All the Rest …
Metzger, Deena – Ruin & Beauty
Meyerhofer, Michael – Leaving Iowa
Middlebrook, Diane – Her Husband: Ted Hughes & Sylvia Plath
Millar, Joseph – Overtime
Millar, Joseph – Blue Rust
Miller, Michael – Darkening the Grass
Miller, Sandra – Oriflamme,
Mills, Tyler – Tongue Lyre
Montgomery, Danielle (Dani) – Woman Write Poems
Moolman, Kobus – Light and After
Morrison, Rusty – Book of the Given
Muldoon, Paul – Horse Latitudes
Mulkey, Rick – Toward any Darkness
Mullany, Edward – If I Falter at the Gallows
Mullen, Laura – Dark Archive
Mulvania, Andrew – Also in Arcadia
Murphy, Rich – Voyeur
Nakayasu Sawako – So We Have Been Given …
Natal, Jim – Memory and Rain
Neale, Emma – The Truth Garden
Newberry, Jeff – Brackish
Nymark, Niki – A Stranger Here Myself
O’Connell, Richard – Irish Monastic Poems
O’Donnell, Angela Alaimo – Moving House
O’Donnell, Angela Alaimo – Saint Sinatra
Oles, Carole Simmons – Waking Stone
Olson, Christina – Before I Came Home Naked
O’Rourke, Meghan – Halflife
O’Rourke, Meaghan – Once
Orr, Leonard – Why We Have Evening
Ostriker, Alicia – Dancing at the Devil’s Party
Otten, Julie – Milk Chip Monday
Parker, Alan Michael – Long Division
Paschen, Elise – Bestiary
Pastan, Linda – Queen of a Rainy Country
Pastan, Linda – Traveling Light
Patchen, Kenneth – Two Books
Paul, Maggie – Borrowed World
Peake, Robert – The Silence Teacher
Pepper, Patric – Zoned Industrial
Perrine, Jennifer – The Body Is No Machine
Peterson, Allan – Omnivore
Phelan, Terry – Husk
Pietryzkowski, Marc – And the Whole …
Platt, Donald – My Father Says Grace
Pollitt, Katha – The Mind-Body Problem
Poteat, Joshua – Ornithologies
Potos, Andrea – Yaya’s Cloth
Potter, Christine – Zero Degrees …
Poudrier, Jason – Red Fields
Powell, D.A. – Useless Landscape or a Guide for Boys
Pritts, Nate – The Wonderfull Yeare
Prufer, Kevin – In a Beautiful Country
Rader, Dean – Work and Days
Randall, Jessy – A Day in Boyland
Randall, Jessy – Injecting Dreams into Cows
Randolph, Patrick – Father’s Philosophy
Ransick, Chris – Lost Songs and Last Chances
Rath, Jeff – The Waiting Room at the End …
Rathkamp, Josh – Some Night No Cars at All
Ray, David – The Music of Time
Raz, Hilda – All Odd and Splendid
Rechter, Judith – Wild West
Rhein, Christine – Wild Flight
Reeser, Jennifer – Sonnets from the Dark Lady
Reyes, Barbara Jane – Diwata
Rich, Susan – The Alchemist’s Kitchen
Rich, Susan – Cures Include Travel
Riggs, Sarah – The Autobiography of Envelopes
Roberts, Kim – The Kimnama
Roberts, Kim – Animal Magnetism
Robertson, Robin – The Wrecking Light
Rooney, Kathleen – Robinson Alone
Rooney, Kathleen – Oneiromance
Ross, Joseph – Meeting Bone Man
Rozewicz, Tadeusz – Sobbing Superpower
Rossi, Lee – Wheelchair Samurai
Ryan, Michael – This Morning
Sáenz, Benjamin A. – Dreaming the End of War
Salamun, Tomaz – The Blue Tower
Salcman, Michael – The Clock Made of Confetti
Salerno, Mark – Odalisque
Sanders, Mark – Here in the Big Empty
Sayeh, H.E. – The Art of Stepping Through Time
Scates, Maxine – Undone
Schott, Penelope Scambly – A Is for Anne
Schott, Penelope Scambly – Lillie Was a Goddess …

Schott, Penelope Scambly – Six Lips
Schott, Penelope Scambly – Six Lips (2)
Scott, Nancy – On Location
Serpas, Martha – The Dirty Side …
Shepard, Neil – This Far From the Source
Shipley, Vivian – All of Your Messages …
Siegell, Paul – Jambandbootleg
Simic, Charles – The Monster Loves His Labyrinth
Simpson, Jeff – Vertical Hold
Sinavaiana-Gabbard, Caroline – Alchemies …
Singer, Ron – A Voice for My Grandmother
Simic, Charles – Master of Disguises
Sloat, Sarah J. – Voice of a Minor Saint
Smith, Bruce – Devotions
Smith, Erin Elizabeth – The Fear of Being …
Smith, Joan Jobe – Picking the Lock …
Smith, Patricia – Shoulda Been Jimi Savannah
Smith, Patricia – Teahouse of the Almighty
Smith, R.T. – Outlaw Style
Smith, S.E. – I Live in a Hut
Snider, Clifton – Aspens in the Wind
Spang, Bruce – The Knott
Spears, Brian – A Witness in Exile
Spidel, Lianne – Chrome
Spidel, Lianne – What to Tell Joseme
Stallings, A.E. – Olives
Staples, Catherine – The Rattling Window
Starkey, David – A Few Things … About the Weasel
Steger, Ales – The Book of Things
Stephanie, S – What the News Seemed to Say
Stephenson, Hannah – In the Kettle, the Shriek
Stern, Gerald – Save the Last Dance
Stern Gerald – In Beauty Bright
Stewart-Nuñez, Christine – Unbound & Branded
Stone, Myrna – The Casanova Chronicles
Stone, Ruth – In the Next Galaxy
Stone, Ruth – What Love Comes To
Suermondt, Tim – Trying to Help …
Sullivan, David – Every Seed of the Pomegranate
Sullivan, Robert – Voices Carried My Family
Svalina, Mathias – Creation Myths
Sweeney, Chad – Arranging the Blaze
Sweeney, Chad – Parable of Hide and Seek
Sze-Lorrain, Fiona – Water the Moon
Takacs, Nancy – Juniper
Tan, Joel Barraquiel – Type O Negative
Taub, Yermiyahu Ahron – Insatiable …
Terris, Susan – Contrariwise
Thomas, Larry D. – The Fraternity of Oblivion
Thomas, Larry D. – The Light of Apricots
Thorburn, Matthew – This Time Tomorrow
Torrence-Thompson, Juanita – Breath-Life
Torrence-Thompson – Talking with Stanley Kunitz
Trinidad, David – The Late Show
Trull, Rhett Iseman – The Real Warnings
Twichell, Chase – Dog Language
Turner, Brian – Here, Bullet
Tyler, Kathleen – My Florida
Ungar, Barbara Louise – Charlotte Bronte…
Ungar, Barbara Louise – The Origin of …
Upton, Lee – Undid in the Land of Undone
Uschuk, Pamela – Crazy Love
Uschuk, Pamela – Crazy Love (2)
Uschuk, Pamela – Wild in the Plaza of Memory
Valentine, Jean – Break the Glass
Vinograd, Julia – America Is Hiding …
Waldrep,G.C. – Disclamor
Wallace, Joni – Blinking Ephemeral Valentine
Wallenstein, Barry – Drastic Dislocations
Wallin, Myna – A Thousand Profane Pieces
Weingarten, Roger – Premature Elegy …
Webb, Charles Harper – Shadow Ball
Weinberger, Florence – Sacred Graffiti
Wells, Sarah M – Pruning Burning Bushes
Western, Samuel – A Random Census of Souls
Wheeler, Lesley – Workshop Girl
Wheeler, Lesley – Heterotopia
Whitbeck, Caroline Noble – Our Classical …
White, Gail – Easy Marks
White, Mike – How to Make a Bird with Two Hands
Wilkens, Gary Charles – The Red Light …
Winslow,Rosemary – Green Bodies
Wisniewski, Mark – One of Us One Night
Wolf, Alyssa – Vaudeville
Woloch, Cecilia – Carpathia
Yaa de Villiers, Phillippa – Taller Than …
Yongming, Zhai – The Changing Room
young, d’bi – art on black
Zapruder, Matthew – Come on All You Ghosts
Zaro, Mariano – The House of Mae Rim
Aspects of Robinson: Homage to Weldon Kees
Beloved Community: The Sisterhood of Homeless …
Best American Poetry 2007 – ed. Heather McHugh
Best American Poetry 2006 – ed. Billy Collins
The Death of King Arthur: A New Verse Translation
Eating the Pure Light: Homage to Thomas McGrath
A Fast Life: The Collected Poems of Tim Dlugos
Fire on Her Tongue: An eBook Anthology …
Fire on Her Tongue: An eBook Anthology (2)
The Golden Age: Spanish Renaissance
Making Poems: Forty Poems with Commentary
Melopoeia (CD)
Natural Theologies – Denise Low, ed.
The Poems of Jesus Christ – tr. by Willis Barnstone
The Place that Inhabits Us
Saints of Hysteria: Collaborative American Poetry
Salmon: A Journey in Poetry
To Catch Life Anew: 10 Swedish Women Poets
isis x – ed. Allan Kolski Horwitz
Women on Poetry: Writing, Revising Publishing, and Teaching
Women Write Resistance

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