“Six Senryu from the Kitchen” by Sharon Ferrante

Sharon Ferrante


in the kitchen
I don’t know how to act
meeting my flame
kissing you—
too much cilantro
in the guacamole
bad habit smoking catfish
for biscuits to bake
flaky friends
I add to the salad
—a wish
fondue dipping the moon lower

from Prompt Poem of the Month
August 2023


Prompt: Write a poem in which something is cooked.

Note from the series editor, Katie Dozier: “There were so many amazing prompt poems this month, but what set Sharon Ferrante’s senryu sequence apart was the fresh joy I found while reading it. At once whimsical and heart-warming, she took us on a journey in only a handful of words. The prompt for her winning poem was to ‘write a poem in which something is cooked,’ and Sharon delivered by cooking up a sequence that is a masterclass on how to write stunning senryu—haiku’s more playful cousin.”

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