“Income I” by Pierre Gervois

Pierre Gervois


Income I by Pierre Gervois, glitching gif of text: I would have liked to have friends with a similar income (+/- 10%), the same equally socially valued type of job, the same car category, the same moderately high professional expectations, the same upper-middle-class type of home in the same relatively affluent neighborhood, so we can have open conversations and share authentic smiles.

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Pierre Gervois is an NYC-based crypto artist using language to describe our society without judgment, emotion, empathy, or stated point of view. The elements of language appearing in his works are physically embedded in geometric figures of undefined scale, and lose their meaning should they be considered separately. His work explores the relations of power between humans, as well as between humans and their favorite physical object-markers of social status. This series is part of the inaugural collection of theVERSEverse.

from Rattle #80, Summer 2023
Tribute to NFT Poets


Pierre Gervois: “I started painting abstract geometric shapes in 1988 and created around five hundred paintings and drawings of the very same rectangular structure. In 2018, I started to paint elements of language in my work. In May 2021, I minted my first work as an NFT and became part of this rich and diverse community of crypto poets. It changed my life as an artist. On the blockchain, in a double simultaneous motion and collision of two artistic traditions, conceptual artists using language are starting to think they might be poets, and poets realize their poems are artworks. With a gentle and loving hand, crypto poets extract words from their paper pages and give them new cozy homes in NFTs.” (web)

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