“Sometimes a Poem” by Dick Westheimer

Dick Westheimer


Sometimes a Poem by Dick Westheimer, poem with various details, hats and shoes appearing

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Poems have a life of their own—both in the writing and when out on the town, free of the fetters of the poet.

from Rattle #80, Summer 2023
Tribute to NFT Poets


Dick Westheimer: “I have entered the NFT ‘space’ a skeptic. What does ‘owning’ a poem even mean? Does this play into the scarcity ethos that drives contemporary life? What happens to a poet’s work when it is made immutable—like a struck coin? Predictably, I’ve found no real answers to any of these questions—only more questions—as I explore the world of those drawn to NFT art. I did come to one conclusion: I love the challenge of visualizing my poems and making that visual vivid for a potential reader (although, for me, the poem needs to stand 100 percent on its own before considering for this endeavor). I also find myself curiously drawn to the obsessiveness required to make a minted piece, knowing it cannot be edited.” (web)

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