“Midnight Confession” by Sarah Ridgley

Sarah Ridgley


Midnight Confession by Sarah Ridgley, black and white drawing of roughly sketched roses and writing that means nothing

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The Lover’s Case is a series of four poems exploring symbology in dialogue with the meaningless. The rose has a long history of symbolic meaning that changes based on the context in which it appears. In the absence of any semantic communication, what interpretations can be given?

from Rattle #80, Summer 2023
Tribute to NFT Poets


Sarah Ridgley: “As a generative artist, NFTs are a natural fit for my art. I write programs that use a unique hash to generate an endless number of variations. The hash acts as a sort of digital fingerprint that alters the random values in the program to produce different iterations from the same algorithm. Blockchain technology allows me to create provenance by tying the code and the hash together into a distinct, identifiable work. I think that NFTs are a groundbreaking development for digital art. I love that they allow ownership and provable authenticity, while still letting everyone see and enjoy my work.” (web)

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