“Orchestra” by Joanne Rush

Joanne Rush


Orchestra by Joanne Rush, picture of a bluff overlooking the sea with flowers in the foreground, poem text on the image

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Lying in the sun on a grassy bank near a cliff edge is one of the most luxurious experiences life offers. The Llyn Peninsula juts out from North Wales into the Irish Sea—a dream, a wish, a song, a truth, a memory. Minted as part of my first cryptopoetry collection, October 2022.

from Rattle #80, Summer 2023
Tribute to NFT Poets


Joanne Rush: “I discovered NFTs by accident when I was invited to feature in The Tickle, a digital arts and literature magazine. A vibrant, welcoming and supportive community of international artists had congregated around the Tezos blockchain, so for me it was love at first sight. Collaborating with generative artists and creative coders has opened the door to thrilling new worlds. And it’s a joy to get fresh eyes on more traditional poems, too.”

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