“Mammal One” by Ana María Caballero

Ana María Caballero


Mammal One by Ana María Caballero, the short poem written over a dark sphere

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A spoken-word poem by Ana María Caballero visualized via a series of works coded in p5js that convey pregnant time—with its sensations of inevitability, vulnerability, and physical entrapment. Written in Caballero’s signature straightforward style, this text forms part of her prize-winning manuscript Mammal.

from Rattle #80, Summer 2023
Tribute to NFT Poets


Ana María Caballero: “Minting my poems as NFTs has connected my work to a thriving, welcoming community eager to engage with poetry. It’s afforded me creative collaborations and opportunities I couldn’t have ever dreamed possible. I also think that blockchain provenance can help raise important questions, such as why are poems not exhibited and collected as art? Why aren’t poems typically in museums? Why aren’t poems in major art collections? Why are poems not transacted? I believe that we have a real possibility of elevating poetry’s cultural agency by bringing it into dialogue with the art world via technology and by speaking the visual languages of digital audiences. This is deeply exciting to me. I believe poems are works of art and should be collected, exhibited, and collected as such.” (web)

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