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Elizabeth S. Wolf

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Did You Know? by Elzabeth S. WolfReturning to writing after many years, Elizabeth S. Wolf chose to confront her past. So much of her history revolved around secrets and family conflict. Elizabeth reveals her most turbulent times through the eyes of the rejected young girl she once was. Along the way she recounts political controversies, personal revelations, and transforming relationships, in memory of those she has loved and learned from. A journey from distress to redemption, Did You Know? is a bold collection of poems Elizabeth has dedicated to her mother, her daughter, and to telling the truth in her own voice.

Praise for Did You Know?

Did You Know? is a collection of powerful poems describing an almost unbelievable journey. The language is clear and concise, resulting in an even more potent impact. Men—educated, respected and successful—make decisions about the women in their lives with calamitous consequences. This is a riveting narrative, from start to finish, that compels the reader to devour it non-stop. Many poems are touching, poignant, and often disturbing. None will remain untouched at the conclusion of this remarkable literary odyssey of re-opened wounds and healing.
—Lainie Senechal, first Poet Laureate of Amesbury, MA, and co-founder, Tapestry of Voices

This book needs to be read from beginning to end, and once you begin, it will grip you into the world of Elizabeth Wolf, a world you will need to follow wherever it goes. I have difficulty standing on my feet, especially at the end of a long day, yet once I picked it up, with zero expectation that I would even be interested (yes despite the engaging cover), I decided to start with the first one. I stood on my feet, riveted, in the (walk-in) closet, unable to put it down until the last memorable, emotion-packed-but-restrained line.
—Siham Karami, on Goodreads

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About the Author

Elizabeth S. WolfElizabeth S. Wolf is the author of the chapbook What I Learned: Poems (Finishing Line Press, 2017). Elizabeth’s poems have appeared in multiple anthologies and journals, including Persian Sugar in English Tea (in English & Farsi), Mosaics, Ibbetson Street, Peregrine Journal, Tuck Magazine, and others. She is a regular at the Merrimac Mic open mic and the Full Moon Story Slam. Elizabeth lives in Massachusetts and works as a metadata librarian.


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